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Website Design

A user experience that gives complete control and helps users make their choices creates the highest user engagement.


The user is the center of the design, this design philosophy removes the noise and showcases exceptionally valuable elements.
This design philosophy helps us to make trade-offs while we stop asking, “How can we make it all work?” and start asking the more honest question “Which problem do we want to solve?”.

Top 10 web design ideas for 2020

Case studies

We fuse Deep Work and intense design skills to help leading companies create websites that yield business value.


Fujitsu tasked us to create campaign strategy to plan upcoming marketing events for specific domains and geographies.

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Campaign automation for Fujitsu
  • Email campaigns
  • Microsite design
  • Pardot
  • Web development

UX & UI design and development for digital assets and collaterals

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Improving brand visibility
  • Product development
  • User persona
  • Website design
  • Wordpress

See how we have solved complex business problems for over 300+ global companies.

Our process


We start any web design project with the brand vision and digital experience documents that articulate the vision of the brand, high-level goals, business objectives, and brand strategy.

Understanding the idea, problem, and high-level requirements, the user and stakeholder interview sets the foundation for the website. Making sense out of existing behavior analytics gives insights to the visual redesign based on user engagement.

User research Personas Competitor analysisValidate ideasUser journey mappingGet Things Done setup


Ideation helps in generating innovative ideas and creating new and better design solutions. The focus is to confirm that the most crucial design assumptions are valid.

Creating a website is science and psychology combined with design. Eighty percent of all websites in the world do not evoke user interest because design is a science but too often treated as an art. We believe art is personal, and design is GLOBAL. We follow our unique design philosophy to create successful designs.

Information architecture Wireframing Content gatheringUX design


The core of this phase is to create a consistent and seamless user experience. We use reusable components and frameworks to reduce development time and aid easy maintenance.

The site is built error-free and renders smoothly in multiple browsers and devices.

A thoroughly tested version of the website is ready for deployment without any critical issues.

HTML & CSS Responsive design CMS customization SEOQuality engineering


Our deployment process is completely automated, secure, and error-free. We use version control tools to track deployment cycles with trackback facilities.

When the website is ready to be deployed to the production server, the entire set of source files are handed over to the client team. Continuous lead generation and optimization are done during the maintenance phase.

User acceptance testing Hosting & Implementation Go-liveMaintenance and SupportCRO

Horizontal competency

The horizontals focus on specific technologies and process areas in mobile computing, app modernization, software product development, and testing.

Project management and Productivity

Business is worth the sum of its future profits.

Our proven model can help you increase the value of your services/products.