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    Fujitsu tasked us to increase Pardot campaign lead generation for their IT service offerings.

    • Fujitsu was running multiple email marketing campaigns using Pardot to promote their IT service offerings.
    • To improve the campaign results Fujitsu was scouting for a strategic partner with expertise in UI UX design, content strategy, digital marketing, web technologies and Pardot management.
    • Fujitsu is a $43 billion Japanese multinational IT company headquartered in Tokyo. Approximately 159,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries.

    Our solution

    Create a campaign strategy that would hook the prospects to engage with the Fujitsu sales team.

    Identified problems related to timeworn collateral and old mailing lists.

    Pardot set up review and campaign data analysis.

    Campaign plan for upcoming marketing events with specific domain and geography.

    Email and landing page designs with optimal user experience.

    Technical support and advice on best practices.

    Series of emails focused on enhancing Fujitsu brand as a leader in IT in the US.

    Conducted strategic drip campaigns, targeting messages to new prospects in the nurture program.

    Developed best in class microsites for a global events.

    Timely reports to keep track of campaign performance.

    Analyzed data and highlighted improvement areas.

    Services offered

    Microsite UI UX design

    Web development


    Email campaigns

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Lizz Freeman

    Campaign Manager, Corporate Marketing

    You guys are a speed demon.
    We’ve got a lot of great comments on your work.
    LOVIN IT! Thanks for your high level of patience and support.

    The Value Delivered

    Drip campaigns targeting new prospects
    for latest service offerings.

    Scoring parameters were set up to qualify prospects as
    MQL (marketing qualified leads) based on prospect actions.

    Series of emails focused on enhancing the Fujitsu
    brand as a leader in IT in the US.

    A/B testing, Heat Map, and analytics
    analysis to increase the conversion.

    Conversion Rate Optimization was achieved
    by extensive use of A/B testing techniques.

    Tools and Technologies