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  • Our Website App Design Process

    Our process begins with the belief of evoking human interest as a way of pushing forward the boundaries of web app design. We do this by mixing science and psychology with design.

    Design thinking

    Design thinking is all about creating an experience and web design agencies can take it further by applying a human-centered approach to digital innovation. With further integration, an outcome that thrives on creating the best user experience is more than possible.

    It is a process that understands challenges and opens up alternative strategies to take UI/UX into the next phase of creation.

    Web app vision and strategy

    Our vision and strategy for web apps are to enable our customers to stay focused and produce an outcome that works for everyone, i.e., the ultimate user experience (UX).

    With goals to achieve, our strategy pushes our web app design company forward to greater heights.

    Web app research

    Exploring customer needs is an important part of creating a web app. And thus, some critical questions need answering.

    1. Are we measuring what matters?
    2. Are all our decisions emerging from an informed position?
    3. Are there similar web apps in the market?
    4. Are apps failing due to a specific reason?
    5. Are there any new methods that can be implemented?

    Rest assured, we analyze and formulate well-rounded research.

    User analysis

    Creating the best web app experience begins with understanding the users and bringing such data closer to the web design agency that we are.

    From user modeling to analysis, we determine what keeps people going and explore all details including gauging their reactions to the current web app.


    As the most exciting stage of web app design, ideation is about generating ideas from scratch. Once a few ideas are set, the next step is to cut them down into what suits best a platform like UI/UX.


    Based on the ideas that inspire and create better designs and products, we move forward to call the phase a success.


    With design taking the GLOBAL stage, we firmly believe in the philosophy of creating successful designs that inspire the world. We often encourage our designers to explore concepts that make web app designing more appealing to the world.

    As a design agency, we are always pushing to move beyond the impossible.

    Testing and validation

    The testing and validation phase helps us analyze our design concepts and even improve them if feedback demands so. The most critical part will always be to meet the needs and goals of our clients and bring them to speed with our design process.

    As the validation phase begins with high-fidelity design, we look at every possible corner to ensure that we end up being a web app design agency of unique concepts, ideas, and innovation.

    We apply design thinking approach and focus on end-to-end mobile app development, not just the “design phase.”

    Our Offerings

    • Web App Strategy
    • Ideation
    • Usability testing
    • A/B testing
    • Quality Engineering
    • Design System
    • Hosting and deployment
    • Web App design
    • Front-end UI integration
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Analytics and heat-map analysis

    Hear from our clients

    How was your experience working with Pepper Square?

    Jordan Millar

    Director, Product Development,

    I enjoyed working with Pepper Square team on our project. Pepper Square team was incredibly patient with us, and I'm amazed at the speed of delivery. You are lucky to have such quality people working for you.

    How was your experience working with Pepper Square?

    Ryan Belford

    Owner, Wyndham Hotel

    You all have done a great job helping with this product getting it to where it is now. This is a big step in the right direction. I am looking forward to continuing our excellent relationship! Thank you all for making it possible. It's going to be an exciting year for Room Advantage!

    What did you love most about Pepper Square?

    Alex Beauchamp

    Global Head of Content
    and Social Media,

    When I became the Head of Global Content and Social Media for Airbnb and had my first big project to tackle, I made only one call, and it was Pepper Square. Their team team met everything with grace, kindness, and perfection.

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