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    Airbnb got in touch and tasked us with an exciting challenge: to bring their team together to share ideas.

    • Airbnb wanted to bring their fulltime employees and thousands of consultants together on a single easy to use the platform to share innovative ideas and collaborate with each other by showcasing what each team has accomplished.
    • Airbnb partnered with Pepper Square for the UI UX design and software development of a Super Brand Marketing Portal.

    Our solution

    Create a responsive web experience that Airbnb employees would never stop engaging with each other and build an active community of creative collaborators.

    Confluence was set up as the knowledge repository and to store content assets.

    Elegant UI UX design removed distraction and information overload.

    Responsive design and web development with HTML5, CSS, and Java Scripting.

    Entire portal was developed using WordPress as a content management platform.

    Services offered

    Responsive Website Design

    Web Development

    Content Strategy


    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Alex Beauchamp

    Global Head of Content and Social Media

    When I became the Head of Global Content and Social Media for Airbnb and had my first big project to tackle, I made only one call, and it was Pepper Square. I knew that they would be the right partners to approach an Airbnb project.

    We had aggressive timelines, significant and challenging needs and often (on our end) a lot of changes. Pepper Square team met everything with grace, kindness, and perfection. They accomplished above and beyond the brief. There was mutual trust and respect, which is so rare in a client relationship like this.

    It was so fantastic to work with Pepper Square, and we had them take on a few more projects for Airbnb – all with the same results.

    The Value Delivered

    Knowledge repository with one of the world’s
    first Confluence integration.

    Integration with six different tools and platforms
    like Single Sign-on, Gmail, Confluence, and
    Content Management System.

    Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO – Airbnb, was thrilled
    and to quote him, “This is ACE, Alex. SERIOUSLY
    well done. Night and day from where we were.
    I love it.”

    Globally, 1500 internal and external
    employees and top service providers
    collaborated seamlessly using the portal.

    Airbnb showcased in SXSW as a tool for
    internal creative collaboration.

    Tools and Technologies