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    DELL EMC tasked us to help their sales and marketing team to upsell and cross-sell their products and services.

    • DELL EMC, is the world’s largest provider of data-storage systems by market share. Their sales force was not upselling their products and cross-selling their services.
    • DELL EMC India deliver services worth $2 billion a year across the world. Their India Center of Excellence is growing at 40% Y-o-Y.
    • The client partnered with Pepper Square to design and develop the IT Transformation Index web app that displayed the survey results and enabled the sales team to upsell their offerings.

    Our solution

    An IT Transformation Index web app that would automate survey and help upsell their offerings.

    Helping DELL EMC conduct a ‘compete and win’ survey for their clients to promote their services.

    Create a web app that allows the participants to discover their company’s IT Transformation score and compare it with industry peers to accelerate their IT innovation.

    Convert physical survey forms to digital database.

    Generate statistical reports based on participants’ response.

    Designed an online and offline survey to capture industry challenges.

    The UX & UI design was simple while accommodating complex data modeling.

    Created a scalable Drupal backend with an intuitive UI & UX.

    Custom built analytics module with a Multi Select Filter to quickly get to the right information.

    Functionality for bulk upload of the survey report.

    Infographs to showcase complex data points.

    Option to print or download the pdf version.

    Services offered

    Web app UI UX design

    Web app development

    Drupal backend

    Online survey

    Campaign design and Data migration.

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Badrinath Vankadari

    Operations Manager, Marketing COE, Global Business Services

    I want to thank your team for the excellent work you folks have been doing. Special thanks for creating the Managers Forum artworks in such a short notice and make the event prosperous.

    It is a pleasure working with your team on this excellent initiative and looking forward to working with you on this project to make it a big success.

    The Value Delivered

    Globally, 370 clients participated
    in the survey using the web app.

    Phase I, helped EMC to understand the gap
    their clients were facing and upsell their
    product and service offerings.

    Survey results helped the CXOs identify
    where they were lagging compared to
    their peers in similar industries.

    Intuitive dashboard design enabled faster
    decision-making for sales and presales
    team and helped them sell their products.

    Empowered sales and presales teams to help
    their clients with customized analysis and
    recommended next steps for business growth.

    250 sales and presales teams successfully used
    it on a daily basis for account mining activities.

    Tools and Technologies