In the last few years, Lead generation methods have witnessed a significant change, given that sales and marketing strategies have become digital. However, even after so many shifts, the efficiency of contact pages for lead generation is still beyond doubt. Find out how to boost leads by improving your Contact Us page design and conversion rates.

Add Trust Seals

A trust seal happens to be a certificate, which confirms a business or website as legitimate, with proper security practices. A latest survey indicates that many users have more reassurance in buying from websites with trust seals. When you use these seals, visitors to your website can be assured that their data would always be safe and secure.

Add a Company Contact Number

It can appear quite apparent that your business’s contact number needs to be on the ‘Contact’ page, but many companies actually fail on that end. To some companies, adding a contact no. might appear to be counter-intuitive. When you add one, it can improve customer trust and credibility for your organization.

Ask For a Free Offer

It is essential to attract visitors to share contact details and opt-in to your own business mailing list. You can offer them a white paper, report, eBook or free guide. Ensure that you extend a relevant offer for your industry, which provides value to your website visitors. With engaging content, you can lower bounce rates and be able to reduce consumer acquisition costs. You can get a greater incentive to spend in optimizing your conversion rates. Basically, you have to ask them to request a no-cost offer.

Offer a Live-Chat Service

It is true that some visitors do not want to pick the phone up, but could be ready to chat through Live Instant messages. Your website visitors will love to have the ease of instantly getting assistance without having to call up a number and talk to a customer support representative or wait for an email response. But they can have the satisfaction of receiving assistance from a live person, which can be very assistive for you in getting your customer service appreciated.

Add a Pop-Up

While pop-ups can be irritating and intrusive, these can be very efficient in improving your subscription rate. Try not to display pop-ups instantly, which might scare away your visitors. Let them explore your website before viewing the pop-up.

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Author Akshay Dafade
Akshay is the Lead UX Designer at Pepper Square and he has defined the user experience for some of the finest global brands over the last four years.

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