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Creating an engaging user experience is
science and psychology combined with
highly specialized design skills.

Being a top UX agency for over 19 years, our team crafts future proof digital experiences that help scale your product and service.

Our UX design consulting experts map your vision along with end-users expectations to create an engaging experience. Pepper Square’s proven processes and standards reduce the clutter and bring fluidity to the design with a seamless UI development.

UI UX Design Services

Mobile App Design

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Client Testimonials

Jordan Millar
Director, Product development

I enjoyed working with your team on our project. Pepper Square team was incredibly patient with us, and I’m amazed at the speed of delivery. ...

Dennis Hardy

To thrive in today’s global competitive landscape, it is important to look beyond borders. Whether it is Poland, Portugal, Santa Barbara, London ...

Ron Surfield
SVP, Digital Production & Operations

Pepper Square has become a trusted partner with Ketchum. They are client focused with a positive approach. I enjoy working with them, and respect t...

Ryan Belford
Founder & CEO

You all have done a great job helping with this product getting it to where it is now. Nothing is final, but this is a big step in the right direct...

Lizz Freeman
Campaign Manager, Corporate Marketing

You guys are speed demon. We’ve gotten a lot of great comments on your work. LOVIN IT! Thanks for your high level of patience and support.

James A Vaughn
Global Product Manager

Thank you for participating in the UX & UI design project. Great work on redesigning the UX and UI. Our team is very impressed with Pepper Squa...

Jonathan Fudem
Design Manager

The great thing about working with Pepper Square is everybody there really wants to make sure that we are happy and excited about the products that...

Our unique UI UX design services methodology

Find out why we excel as a UI UX design consulting firm


All things to all people


The undisciplined
pursuit of more


Builds product that
doesn’t satisfy


Living by default

Problems we solve

Increasing user engagement of a software product/website

Improving adoption by modernizing legacy applications

Reducing drop-offs with conversion strategy for software product/market scale

Reaching new customers and capturing new markets

UX Design Problem Solves

UI UX design tools & technologies

Project management and Productivity


What is the UI UX best practices you follow?

Our UI UX design company uses the best practices based on project requirement(s). Some of them are, Don’t Make Me Think approach, Hooked model, Essentialism, and Hicks and Fitts law. We also adhere to W3C guidelines for HTML & CSS, W3AG for accessibility, agile and behavior-driven development to deliver the projects.

How do you go about redesigning the UI & UX?

In the discovery stage our UI UX design agency digs deep into users’ problems and asks why it is important to redesign. Once we understand the end customer’s problems then we do the behavior and gap analysis followed by detailed information architecture and wireframes.

What methodology do you use to redesign?

Our UI UX design company combines the best of Agile and Behavior Driven Development to deliver projects.

Will you take care of usability, functional and browser compatibility testing of the apps?

Yes, we will. These are the core of our UI UX design agency’s unit testing and quality engineering processes.

What are the advantages of Pepper Square creating the design and do the front-end development?

When you work with our UI UX design firm, you’ll get the final HTML pages perfectly and all you need to do is, focus on backend development. The HTML page will render precisely, retaining 100% of the design and our team will deliver the HTML, CSS, jQuery, use of frameworks, API connectivity, responsive design and test it for browser compatibility.

If there is an existing visual design framework, would prototyping be necessary? How would you best employ wireframes or mockups in your process?

If you have detailed the home, landing and Level 1, 2, 3 pages, then our UI UX design studio can take that as the starting point and work on the visual design. In that case, prototyping is not necessary.
We use the latest tools and tech to create wireframes and mockups (and for any UI UX design services for that matter). Once all the pages are created, we look at the Content Types and understand the design and responsive requirement. Based on these requirements the technology team shares its feedback for smooth integration of the design to avoid any surprises.

Do you create authoring personas, developing user flows, and building usability frameworks related to these flows?

Our UI UX design studio creates these for all the large projects we undertake. User flow/journey definition is a key to create a successful website. We have our extensive usability framework libraries and to achieve faster turnaround we customize them based on the project requirement.

How do you differentiate yourself?

We engage with our clients by asking a fundamental question, “What is the business problem they are trying to solve?” and then address them by Design Thinking. We are one of the few Digital Agencies that fuse creativity and technology seamlessly to offer topnotch UI UX design services. We are an entrepreneur driven company, hence the ownership, intensity and passion is the highest and you will love working with our energetic team.

You can’t buy an experience

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