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Social Media Campaigns

Keep your social community engaged all the time, and get one step closer to your target audience.



Social media platforms and blogs reach 7 out of 10 of all internet users. And, 71% of internet users are more likely to engage with a brand that they are following on social networking sites.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can dynamically increase engagement. The best way to use social media platforms is to increase the visibility of your products and services and bring your customers closer to your brand.

Social media campaign services

Campaign strategy

Listening & Monitoring

Social Media Marketing & Execution

Support and maintenance

Case studies

With speed and agility, our team creates targeted social media campaigns to increase your brand’s visibility.

UX & UI design and development for digital assets and collaterals

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Improving brand visibility
  • Product development
  • User persona
  • Website design
  • Wordpress

EMC tasked us to conduct a ‘compete and win’ survey for their clients to upsell and cross-sell their products and services.

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IT transformation index for EMC
  • Drupal
  • Mailer design
  • Online survey
  • Product development
  • Web app design

See how we have drastically increased brand visibility to some of the finest global brands.

Our process


Obtaining the dataset from the customer in different formats and deep diving to make sense out of it is the goal.

Whether the source may be an Excel file, PowerPoint, PDF, database, surveys, study reports, or forms (physical/digital), our team acquires all the data and segregates.

Data collectionUsage dataData validationData sourcing


While segregating, the key is to structure and organize the data so that it is concise and meaningful.

This process helps in grouping the data based on the required parameters and helps stakeholders make intelligent decisions.

Inspect datasetCleanse dataset Indexing and slicingSubsetting


Prioritizing project goals helps in filtering irrelevant data and building scripts to find meaningful datasets. This activity is crucial for the project outcome.

By understanding the need of your business, we map the filtered data for better visualization.

Minimize data redundancyImprove data integrity


By applying various mathematical and statistical formulas, we categorize the data and taxonomies.

Useful data gives a clear picture of the behavior towards business offerings, consumers, and users.

Model dataTrain and testEvaluationPredictive modeling


Visualizing and deciding the most appropriate format for the data mined is a critical as well as an exciting stage in this journey.

Whether it is infographics, charts, maps, graphs, or a list, it should help in making informed decisions.

InfographicsPie chartPivot table Scatter chartBar graphLine chart


Engaging, captivating, and enriched data is represented visually with the help of infographics, charts, reports, and dashboards.

Clarifying the representation by calling more attention to particular data or by changing attributes such as colors and formats, contributes to intuitive user experience.

Cleanse dataShape dataEnrich data


Unlocking the power of visualization leads to the creation of modern interfaces. This helps in educating the user to interact with various possibilities of data.

Adding interaction by letting the user control or exploring the data helps in measuring what matters.


Focus on brand visibility and proximity.

We help organizations create compelling, action-inspiring stories.