The Hiring of UI UX designers has increased by 61% in the Q4 of 2021. This trend will increase even more in the coming years as the demand is at an all-time high.

Even with the surge in demand for UI/UX designers, it’s an uphill task for professionals to find the right fit when choosing companies to work for. Sometimes, the roles and responsibilities aren’t chalked out well. And often, the job titles also keep varying from place to place, leading to chaos.

But all that comes later. Before you embark on the mission of finding UX designer jobs in India, here are some mandates to consider:

Key areas of focus for UX/UI Designer

The role of any UX/UI designer involves three significant areas of focus including:

Discovery – Audience definitions, user scenarios, competitor analysis

Concepting – Process flow, site maps, wireframing, the actual design

Prototyping and Usability Testing – Prototyping, product reviews, usability testing

While these are the primary areas for UX designers to focus on, they may also go ahead with other areas of specializations strictly depending on their skill sets, interests, and the needs of the employers:

1. User Research
2. Information Architecture
3. Interaction Design
4. Experience Strategy

What is the average experience required for a UX designer role?

According to a survey by, the maximum number of UX design professionals (about 30%) had an average of 3-5 years of total work experience. The next highest number of professionals (about 25%) had an average work experience of ten or more years.

Another study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that majority of the UX design professionals surveyed had 4-6 years of experience.

Experience is the essential factor in getting an excellent job in the UI UX industry. How many years have you been designing? What all websites and apps have you created. What all tools have you been using this far?

With experience comes wisdom. Wisdom to understand the intricate details about your user’s mind. For example, what kind of user would prefer what type of interface? This information is very critical to the organization as it may make or break a sale for them. Therefore, UX design companies are ready to pay hefty amounts as salary for the right candidate.

What are the top skill sets to make a career in UX design?

UX design applies to almost all industries, and there are several skills you can pick up before you apply to any top companies. However, based on the job roles, these skills may vary. For example, a UX Strategist will need a different set of skills as opposed to a User Research Associate.

Apart from this, the following skills are good to have when you want to build a career in UX design:

1. Frontend Development
2. UX Writing
3. Voice Design
4. UI Design Skills
5. Understanding Data

 How to learn UX Design?

There are resources galore for getting the basics of UX design right. Right from books, video tutorials, courses, podcasts, blogs, there are endless options you can explore. But learning on the job opens unforeseen opportunities and provides you the relevant experience to shine in this competitive industry.

Here are some of the best books to read that are related to UX design.

You can also enroll in these UX design courses.

Finding a mentor – a seasoned professional in the industry, who can teach you the ropes is also vital for building a career in UX design. They will help you shortlist the best jobs and keep you motivated throughout.

Remember, companies prefer candidates who have an educational background in designing to those who don’t. By getting yourself educated, you learn many tools used in designing and techniques from industry stalwarts which will help you have an ace over your competition.

Start building your portfolio

One of the best ways to capture the attention of your potential employer is to build a portfolio. Even if you don’t have any experience in the field, you can take up a dummy project and own it. Then, maybe, you can redesign a page or an interface of a famous brand and use a tool you are most comfortable with to come up with some brilliant wireframes.

Let your portfolio speak volumes about your talent. And there will be no stopping you!

The Wrap

Many cities in India offer exceptional opportunities for UX designers across industry verticals. However, as a professional just beginning their journey in this field, it is crucial to first focus on building a solid foundation.

Invest ample time in learning on the go, perfect that portfolio, gain relevant experience, find a mentor, and you will find the befitting firm that hones your talent further!

At Pepper Square, we are always on the lookout for the best talent. Connect with us to know how we can help shape your career as a UI UX designer.

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