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    Website Pop-Ups – Still a Valid Lead Generation Tool?

    29 January 2021

    2 min read

    Every old online user remembers website pop-ups, which marketers regarded as a useful tool for lead generation online. These were supposed to be an excellent way to keep ads apart from content, and these showed up while browsing specific websites. However, what was considered to be an effective lead generation tool soon fell out of favor.

    While some websites still use these, especially the music or movie download websites, or some news websites, most of these prefer to keep these away. So are these still a useful lead generation tool? The answer is no. Find out why it is so.

    Very Intrusive

    While pop-ups were useful once for the purpose of lead generation and enhancing the on-site experience, these began to be designed and marketed in a very inconvenient way – making it something to be avoided for consumers. Rather than serving as relevant extensions to the content or even being tolerable, pop-up ads became very inconvenient and intrusive for customers.

    Inviting Ranking Penalties

    A new ranking penalty was implemented by Google in 2017. Google essentially puts a penalty on mobile websites using pop-ups such as:
    • Full-screen interstitials – displayed right after somebody visits a page. This type of pop-up prevents them from viewing any site until its dismissal or closure.

    • Intrusive pop-ups – covers most of the screen at inopportune moments, such as during the entry time or when visitors are going through your content.

    • Faux pop-ups which look like interstitial ads, but cannot be closed or dismissed. Instead, visitors are compelled to rack their brains on what they require for ignoring the ads.

    As consumer search trends are used by Google to change its rules and algorithm and finds that customers negatively respond to pop-ups being misused in sites, the search engine giant has concluded that these lead to poor user experience. Thus, it penalizes websites that show some types of these ads. This is another reason why website pop-ups are not regarded as useful for lead generation.

    Rise of Sticky Banners

    Studies have found that small sticky elements, Inline ads and Thinner ads perform better for lead generation than website pop-ups, given that these do not interfere with the overall user experience. Thus, more and more website owners and marketers are using these ad formats to replace website pop-ups.

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    Are you looking for an experience-driven digital solution for your product or service?

    Alka Jha


    Alka is the Chief Creative Officer at Pepper Square. She has defined the user experience for some of the finest global brands over the last eight years.