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    Top UI/UX Design Trends of 2023

    11 July 2023

    4 min read

    UI/UX designing has encountered changes, recommendations, and many upgrades. Such is the difference that the UI/UX of 2023 will be unrecognisable when compared to that of 2022. It moves swiftly, incorporating what’s best and leaving out what was once considered the best.

    Thanks to that, a yearly look at design trends will keep everyone in the loop about what’s new.

    NeuFlat Designing – A change from NewFlat

    For the unversed, flat design is a user interface style that uses two-dimensional elements and relies heavily on simplicity and minimalism. And if one were to add trends such as Glass Morphism and Neubratilism, it would be classified as NeuFlat Design.

    In other words, NeuFlat Design is a modern mix of the existing design style known as NewFlat. By bringing in the traditional flat design, the new update adds trends and offers a new way of highlighting what’s considered appealing in 2023.

    Motion Design – In collaboration with interactive designing

    The change in animation and video compression, coupled with a few advances, has quickly brought motion designing and placed it at the forefront of interface design. Brands want to convey a story, and motion designing pens down their thoughts effortlessly.

    In an age where simplifying every interface is critical, motion designing is the new way forward. Thanks to its innovative approach, this design element can create a memorable experience that is also good for customer retention.

    Minimalism – A trend linking the past and the future

    It’s hard to imagine a time when minimisation will stop trending. Despite being a trend of the past, minimalism continues to grow in different directions. It is a significant part of the process designers use to simplify the interface and help users focus on what matters the most.

    It sticks to aesthetics and incorporates design elements considered vital for branding and marketing. With upgrades around the corner, the latest talk is of a new, bolder minimalist design.

    Scrollytelling – An immersive experience

    Also known as immersive scrolling, scrolly-telling is a prominent feature in improving the relationship between a product and a user. By combining the elements of storytelling, design, and more aspects, scrolly-telling brings about an interactive experience that promotes effective transitions.

    The connection it shares between different sets of information is close, making the user a curious scroller. Since the design is evolving, we expect to see more innovation from this design trend in the near future.

    Typography Trends of 2023 – Big and bold

    With the need of the hour being to create websites that yield direct business value, typography comes forward as a factor to consider. And in considering it, one will also have to go through current trends that want typography to be big and bold.

    The current trend incorporates a specific typography style that emphasizes words more, enhancing the creative output of any copy. Content positioned as intense, informative, and hard-hitting often relies on bold typography as it effortlessly drives the point home.

    Data storytelling – Popularising facts and figures

    From enterprise product design to consumer digital products, data storytelling is spreading its wings all around the design ecosystem. Prompted by reactions to the less interactive form of presenting data and encouraged by the visual elements, data storytelling is a trend for the future.

    As a trend, it has produced a different form of storytelling essential for specific digital products. In creating a compelling narrative, users find it easier to consume key information that seems more apt than putting a couple of numbers together.

    Personalisation – Tailor-made for everyone

    Customisable options with a bit of personalisation go a long way in enhancing user experience. In 2023, everyone prefers an interactive experience that they also find relatable at some level.

    And with design in the mix, creating that interaction is undoubtedly possible. However, people are also relying on the powers of video production and providing tailor-made services that are known to improve customer retention.

    By understanding users’ behaviours and preferences, personalisation takes things up a notch and is well-placed as a design trend for 2023.

    Emotional design – For memorable user interactions

    The belief that human beings run on emotions rather than logic is the core reason behind emotional design being classified as a trend. With UX research reaching new heights, emotional designs form a connection that is hard to find elsewhere.

    They are an instrumental element in differentiating products and placing them above anything. But what is an emotional design? An interactive element of design that evokes emotions in users and customers can be classified as an emotional design.

    Popularised by Don Norman, emotional designs are crucial in strengthening decision-making and turning things the brand’s way.

    Immersive 3D – Transcending into a new world

    Continued innovations via immersive scrolling, along with growing interest in VR tech, have made immersive 3D a future design trend. With websites keen on offering the best visual experience, a wholly rendered 3D world is on the horizon.

    With immersive 3D, you can achieve

    • Improved product visualisation
    • Enhanced customisation
    • Better communication
    • Competitive advantage

    Custom digital illustrations

    Custom digital illustrations are a unique way to add a personal touch to your interface and upgrade the current requirement surrounding personalisation. From enterprise UX designs to mobile UX and more, customisation has its say on everything.

    As this trend continues, designing will significantly change and broaden its horizon to achieve more. With custom illustrations being able to establish a human connection, brands will view the same as the go-to solution for establishing a relationship between a brand and a consumer.


    Design trends have constantly evolved and brought in changes apt to the current times. If in 2022, our focus was less on storytelling, in 2023, we have moved further and included data storytelling. This is reminiscent of current trends, moving ahead to signal a favoured outcome.

    Hence your business needs to be in sync with these trends and offer solutions that raise expectations.

    Are you looking for an experience-driven digital solution for your product or service?

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