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    Top Tools UI/UX Designers Are Using in 2023

    9 June 2023

    4 min read

    The influx of technology has undoubtedly changed the design landscape, which is ongoing. With AI in the mix, we now have advanced UI tools, leaving designers with plenty of options.

    Designing tools of 2023 can assist UI/UX designers in several ways and aid them in producing interactive visual designs. With constant updates, these tools can provide what designers want. These tools are some of the best that designers use in 2023.

    Adobe XD

    Best features – CSS code snippets, 3D transforms, ready-made UI kits, micro-animations, and more. Adobe XD is a fine example of a UI/UX design tool that helps you create interactive visual designs. Adobe XD can be used for myriad reasons, from low fidelity designs to high-performing prototypes.

    While the debate on Adobe XD vs. Figma continues, the similarities that they share in being compatible is a point that users need to understand. And when it comes to pricing, the following says it all:

    • XD Starter plan for free with limited functionality.
    • Full XD plan featuring complete functionality at $9.99 a month.
    • Creative Cloud Suite at $52.99 a month.


    Best features – Code snippets for iOS, Android, and CSS, plugins for easy automation, auto layout, commenting functionality, and more.

    As a cloud-based web design tool, Figma has emerged as one of the most sought-after design tools in 2023. Figma enables designers to work seamlessly and integrate faster designs through its real-time collaborative features.

    Figma also offers an online whiteboard tool, FIgJam, further heightening its collaborative pitch. In terms of subscription plans, Figma offers an

    • Organisational plan for $45/editor per month.
    • Professional plan for $12/editor per month.
    • A free starter plan for beginners.

    With these plans in place, Figma is a leading tool approximately valued at $20 Billion.


    Best features – Cross-platform tools, vector editing tools, flexible artboards, customizable grids, and more.

    Sketch is another popular design tool that UI/UX designers have been using. Like Figma, Sketch also offers collaborative features ideal for beginners and professionals. Besides showcasing customizable grids, Sketch also brings together OpenType fonts that could benefit multiple projects.

    Combining these features with the creative services of a top agency can produce innovative solutions. But, the fact that it is only compatible with macOS could be a drawback.

    In terms of pricing and subscription plans, one must note that,

    • Sketch has a 30-day free trial period.
    • An editor plan costs $9 per month or $99 per year.

    InVision Studio

    Best features – Quick prototyping functionality, adaptive layouts, vector-based drawing tool, built-in animation functionality, and more.

    InVision Studio is a comprehensive design and prototyping tool with excellent features, including animation and design systems. Through Invision, designers can create prototypes for multiple platforms and develop high-resolution interfaces.

    Its vector-based drawing tools are, by far, one of its most prominent features, and its pricing and subscription plans are as follows:

    • One prototype and three boards are available for free.
    • Three prototypes and boards are part of the InVision Starter plan at $13 a month.
    • Unlimited prototypes and boards, part of the professional plan, at $22 a month.


    Best features – Premade assets, interactive prototyping and layers, user-testing functionality, and more.

    Marvel is becoming a top design tool for simple and effective visual design. With features that can help you make prototypes, wireframes, and other UI elements, Marvel is another option that designers rely on in 2023.

    While using a top design tool is not the only way to improve a mobile app’s user experience, it certainly is a factor to consider. And, if we are talking about the price, you have an advantage because you can use Marvel for free for a single project. However, anything more would require you to do the following:

    • Purchase a pro plan for a single user that costs $8 a month.
    • Or a team plan that costs $24 a month.

    Axure RP

    Best features – Supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, built-in widgets, browser-based prototypes, and more.

    Axure RP is a powerful design tool specialising in prototype creation and wire-framing. Its vast library of pre-built components makes it easy for designers to create high-fidelity interactive prototypes quickly.

    It supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it a popular choice for developers. Moreover, Axure is also available for both Mac and Windows and, in terms of subscriptions, it has an individual and a team plan.

    • Individual plan or Axure RP Pro costs $25 a month.
    • Axure RP Team costs $42 a month.


    Best features – Interactive components, color blindness simulator, drag-and-drop interface builder, and more.

    UXPin is a web-based collaborative design and prototyping platform that allows UX designers to create, share, and test interactive wireframes and prototypes. With UXPin, multiple designers can work together on the same project in real-time, providing feedback and making changes on the fly.

    The platform is known for its extensive range of tools and also has a pricing model that is quite interesting. While it is free to use for up to 2 prototypes,

    • An upgrade to the basic plan will cost you $19 per month.
    • Advanced plan at $29 per month.
    • Professional plan at $60 per month.

    Origami Studio

    Best features – Contains a patch library, list of layers, patch editor, and more.

    Origami is a free tool initially made for designers at Facebook but is now available for all macOS users. It is primarily used as a prototyping tool but does have users elsewhere, especially for its drag-and-drop canvas, where you can import images from Figma.

    With Origami, designers can build interactive interfaces and share the same for feedback and suggestions. Unlike other tools, Origami Studio is free to use, and there is no particular subscription plan that you need to purchase.

    Final thoughts

    From constant upgrades to new additions, the market for UI/UX design tools is quite busy. While designers always have their preference, a list of the best-used tools sheds light on the ones currently on top.

    Utilising these tools empowers designers to craft visual designs that are a class apart. Moreover, collaborating with such teams can benefit businesses immensely.

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