Journey of creative collaboration

Beginning of our story
Beginning of our story

Company in the making
Company in the making

Driven by internal navigation
Driven by internal navigation
Passionate perfectionist
Passionate perfectionist
Team work
Team work



What better way to remember

what brought us together

than to celebrate

that thought, that moment


by actioning that dream

with zest and commitment

so each day takes us

closer to our destination



PepperSquare Story

So the story of Pepper Square becomes the
story of each one of us

PepperSquare_As_we_growas we begin to realize our true selves
through excellence in practice each day,

as we grow and evolve into better human beings
we build a better company inch by inch with your name on it.
Pepper Square_ As We Begin



The beginning of our story…


The journey from a scribble to an entity began with a note of bottled inspiration.


Our story…

And when inspiration met purpose, Pepper Square was born.

Our Story

A company in the making

Soon, from the name “Pepper Square”, a character began to evolve:

  • New
  • young
  • unafraid

Courage on the move

What gives the company its unique character bold as in pepper?
A combined belief in People, Design, Process and Technology gives the company the distinct edge.


When creativity meets technology guided by inner strength and integrity, success is bound to happen.


In a nutshell, Pepper Square personality evolved

From the core belief that

  • Personal ArtArt is
  • Global DesignDesign is
  • Business TransparencyBusiness is based on trust and transparency


A journey pepped with success

Pepper Square Success

Positive attitude and outlook in life.

Energetic environment, a culture that is warm, friendly and enthusiastic.


Perfection in everything and excellence at work.



PEP keeps us going forward

Defined by the journey, and not by the destination, Pepper Square is designed to win.

Pepped with success


Pepper Square is Designed to win

because of our love for work characterized by

  • Creativity and fun

    Fun and

  • Passion and Excellence

    Excellence and



Be LIVE our map for the journey



Strengthen natural abilities



Cultivate global sensitivity



Graduate from knowledge to action



Do things you like best



Our values point us in the right direction

  • Things Simple
    We love to keep
    things simple
  • Transparency
    Transparency and mutual respect are of great importance to us
  • Emotional Connect
    We believe in
    emotional connect
  • Collaboration
    Collaboration, brain storming and cross-pollination of ideas make us grow, whereas, in isolation, we not only become stagnant, we deteriorate


Driven by internal navigation

A guiding moral compass contributes to our creative and positive energy, which is the DNA of Pepper Square. We believe in:


Our strength:

self-sustained & diverse

  • Started on Nov 4, 2002 by Muki with $11
  • Clients from India, US, UK and the Middle East
  • 60% repeat business and 80% word-of-mouth
  • Debt-free company with 12 months operating cash in the bank
  • Happily independent with no external funding
  • 35% of the employees have been with pepper square for more than 4 years
  • We spot talent from small towns and villages
  • Diversity – our people come from 11 states across India
  • People are encouraged to fail fast, thus creating a culture to succeed

Oxifrugal process to
ensure customer satisfaction


Well-defined training plan for
career advancement


Indian values with
global mindset


High-energy startup culture
with do or die attitude

Growing together leaner & meaner

  • Our work philosophy is to hire people who are extraordinary and result driven
  • We like to work with people who are go-getters, focused, passionate perfectionists, and who are able to mold their minds like clay, and commit themselves to the Pepper Square vision
  • Learning to do it with the economy of a rock climber
  • Our vision is design driven and enabled by technology We enjoy delivering projects that are challenging
Coming together is a beginning, staying together is
progress, and working together is success. – Henry Ford

Focus becoming better than yesterday

  • Advantage & availability of a large and smart pool of talent
  • We encourage you to become an entrepreneur
  • We believe that people are loyal to their career and not to any company
  • Questioning everything helps you learn enormously
  • Learn to “let go” and it helps you to reach the top faster
  • Make your work obsolete so that you learn new skills
  • Arguments are a waste of time, instead focus on productivity
No one will be around you but your work will help you stand tall.
– Muki Regunathan


Success Decoded

Consistency is the key to measure performance

It’s not your excellent communication skills, coding expertise or creative sparks that count but consistency.

Delivering projects successfully over a period of time ensures your growth by
turning you into an authority and a role model for other team members.

Perform & Lead

or you will be left out


What brought us this far

  • PepperSquare_Productive_Patience
    Productive patience
  • PepperSquare_Empowering
    Empowering people
  • PepperSquare_Discipline
    Disciplined action
  • PepperSquare_Impecable
    Impeccable execution
  • PepperSquare_Energy
    Energy and vibrancy
  • PepperSquare_DO_DIE
    Do or Die attitude
  • PepperSquare_Agile
    Agile and responsive
  • PepperSquare_Transparency
    Transparent and fair
A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a
‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
– Mahatma Gandhi


Celebrating little joys
of lifelong journey


FRYday meetings to share your stories


Founder’s day is celebrated on November 4 every year


You will often be surprised when colleagues, returning from visiting their hometowns, share their happiness with local sweets and produce


Your family is the most important part of our success We celebrate your kids birthdays and your anniversary


We encourage you to share your happiness with all of us (You are getting married, you got a pet/bike/car, met the girl of your dreams, your parents wedding anniversary, etc.)


We invite entrepreneurs, creative folks and others to  share their story


We don’t miss anyone’s birthday Birthdays are celebrated on the last Friday of every month