Our solution?

Create a multiple touchpoint experience that would engage OEMs, fleet operators, and end customers to seamlessly access and change the face of urban transportation.


The value delivered

  • Installation design for the successful launch of their Interoperable Smart Mobility Solutions in Auto Expo.
  • The mobile app helped the drivers in better decision making by showing intelligent data. For example, “can a two-way journey be completed with the current state of charge” and “the distance from nearest interchange stations on a trip.”
  • The website gained traffic and created a buzz that was needed to launch the brand.
  • SUN Mobility’s aim to develop an open-source architecture for EVs in India was featured across e-magazines including Autocar Pro and Deccan Herald.
  • Massive media attention positioned SUN Mobility as a frontrunner in leveraging battery swapping as a revolutionary technology to power EVs.
  • Promotional collaterals for Auto Expo 2018 such as corporate presentations, infographics, brochures, kiosks, posters, stickers, t-shirts, and cap designs created the buzz that was needed to launch the brand.

Development tools & technologies

Design and collaboration

Yuvraj Sarda Sr. Manager - Strategy Sun Mobility

What our client has to say

We are extremely happy and thankful to Pepper Square team for helping us out with all the deliverables in such short span.

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