Our solution?

Create a digital foundation with unique content assets by keeping the vital few and removing the trivial many.  Showcase their expertise using their website, social media, and culture book.



The value delivered

  • Interactive culture book boosted employee morale, clarity in the mission statement, and benefits of working with Opteamix.
  • We simplified the service offerings to focus on the vital few.
  • The team created a content style guide to improve brand uniformity.
  • The content strategy reduced the bounce rate of the website from 65% to 25%.
  • Average time spent by users increased from 67 seconds to 145 seconds.

Development tools & technologies

Design and collaboration

Tony Hadzi President & CEO Opteamix

What our client has to say

I love it! What more can I say, you guys have done just a brilliant job on the website – I was floored!!!!!


Vinay Narayana Swamy Director Opteamix

I would want to thank Pepper Square team for putting their heads together to come up with a design that is really best-in-class.

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