Our solution?

Create an end-to-end productivity app, exclusive for mothers to capture their elusive free time and convert into ‘me-time’ to accomplish things that are important to them. An ultimate planner to help them prioritize their interests and achieve their dreams.

The value delivered

  • From sticky notes on the refrigerator to multiple to-do apps and rest of the plans swirling in a mother’s head, a simple mobile app took care of all.
  • Iterative usability testing at the beta stage with actual users to enhance the app experience.
  • The users appreciated the theme, as it was subtle and not overpowering. They said, “the app is intuitive and beautiful, like women think”
  • The app was featured in com
  • Spark feature helped women finding happiness every day in the little things.
  • Uniquely designed lists, notes and calendar, weaved together to reflect the realities of a mum’s life.
  • The client considered getting the timeline feature design and utility patented.
Aashika Founder Mamma-Miya

What our client has to say

We have had a very constructive, positive and supportive relationship with Pepper Square over the last year. They have built our App and also helped us put the website together. I would recommend them very highly to anyone.

Sarah Founder Mamma-Miya

Everyone of you has allowed us to dream a little bigger and be that much prouder of what we have. Thanks very much!

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