Our solution?

Create a fun platform where users can cheese-blast themselves with the latest cheese flavors by Old El Paso and share pictures on social media to create virality.

The value delivered

  • The campaign generated 8 million impressions with the social app, and Twitter conversations increased to 1000 percent.
  • Users loved getting their pictures cheese-blasted, and the app gained immediate publicity and visibility.
  • com featured an exclusive story on it. Media highlighted Ketchum as the new generation agency leveraging digital.
  • The audience well received customized cheese-blasted avatar of images to share on social media.
  • The app allowed users for dynamic picture sharing on Twitter.

Development tools & technologies

Design and collaboration

Ron Surfield SVP, Digital Production & Operations Ketchum

What our client has to say

Pepper Square has become a trusted partner with Ketchum. They are client focused with a positive approach. I enjoy working with them, and respect the leadership and management approach that was used to add value to our business. I strongly recommend Pepper Square team if you need an outside digital development partner.

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