Our solution?

Create a responsive portal to plan, promote and showcase the work from teams across the globe to increase visibility and access.

The value delivered

  • Highlighted news and activities through a centralized hub across the globe for 360-degree visibility.
  • Pinterest like experience and seamless image animations encouraged various teams across the globe to participate.
  • Increased employee interaction with one point access to the latest news about Airbnb.
  • WordPress and Confluence was used as a content repository for easy document management and version control.

Development tools & technologies

Design and collaboration

Chris Cowans Design Lead Airbnb

What our client has to say

While working on a new website for Airbnb, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented team at Pepper Square to code the site. They worked around the clock for us and were eager to make the site as pixel perfect as possible. They worked quickly and were very accommodating with any changes we needed to make along the way, no matter how big or small.

I would happily work with them again down the road and highly recommend them if you have any coding needs. They are one of the nicest and most ambitious groups of people you’ll meet.

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