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In a software-driven world, simplified interfaces are indispensable entities.
With business growth occurring at the intersection of simple interfaces and automation, we’re here to simplify your business workflow at every touchpoint.

Design is not just how it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

Let’s work together to create what users would LOVE.


What's the difference between UI and UX?

UX and UI: These terms are often interchangeably used, and many think they mean the same thing! Nope. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are two independent but interdependent terms. And a UI/UX design agency like us would vouch for this! Let’s take the simple task of hiring a cab, for instance.

The UI is the screen, buttons, toggles, icons – all the visual elements. But the way that notification pops, saying that your cab is on the way, the interactions, and the feel are UX.

What is your UI/UX design approach?

Our design approach is rooted in process and aims for innovation. The design thinking process varies according to design agencies. But, it consists of five steps. It starts with empathy, defining the issue, ideating solutions, developing prototypes, and testing the possibilities.

As a UI/UX design company, our primary approach is to work with empathy for the user. This will help us develop ideas that will turn into successful prototypes.

Do you create personas and user journeys?

Yes. The customer journey map is crucial for us to empathize with the users. After all, user journeys are a great visual tool for a customer’s experience that a UI/UX design company like ours often uses. 

As a result, our potential customers feel understood. For higher conversion rates and improved customer retention, we follow a set process:

  • Set clear objectives for the map
  • Pick your target personas and define specific goals
  • Go through all the touchpoints
  • Highlight the elements you want your map to show
  • Determine the resources you have and the ones you’ll need

Do you create wireframes and prototypes?

Yes, of course. A prototype is merely a skeletal structure – a simple working model of an app or webpage which designers refer to as MVP (Minimum Viable Product). 

Wireframing comes as the natural next step in the product design process. Prototypes are designed to showcase the color, animations, and (hopefully) accurate content. It can be done on paper or through various digital design tools available. Wireframes need tools, and we use them extensively to get approval from stakeholders. As a design company we always ensure that our customers are in the loop.

What is the difference between service design and design thinking?

Design Thinking is all about the design process. Think of it as a recipe you can follow. Even non-designers can do it. It’s user-centered and hands-on. Service design, however, uses the methodology to solve problems beyond product and digital experiences.

As a celebrated UI/UX design agency, we have an elaborate set of design tools to solve these very problems.

What is the turnaround time for revisions?

That’s a tough one, because it varies project to project.

 For a simple, fuss-free website of around 8-10 pages, it would take 4 weeks. Based on customizations and requirements this figure would change. Reach out to us if you would like to elevate your brand with UI/UI design.

What methods do you use to test your designs?

Testing is the fifth and a crucial stage in the Design Thinking process for a UI/UX design company like ours. We are guided by gathering real user feedback and the old adage in the UX community -“You are not the user.” In order to cover all the bases for a proper user testing process most of the top UI/UX design teams, always:

  • Make a prototype
  • Create a test plan
  • Do a AB testing with target users
  • Document the test result

What are the key components of designing mobile applications?

In a highly mobile world today, it is important to first define what makes for a great mobile app. 

What are the measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). Is it differentiation? Is it not having a lag? Or about well-placed, non-pixelated icons and buttons that interact perfectly.

As a UI/UX design agency we take pride in getting the basics of designing mobile applications, just right. For we understand how important it is for the brand to succeed.

Do you start by researching the target audience?

Definitely. Even if we craft the world’s best content, it will all go to waste if it fails to reach the right audience. As a rule, we put in a good chunk of our efforts and resources to determine the target audience for our clients. Most clients have a clear idea.

If they don’t, we step to find and reach the right group. Target audience research and our marketing resources help us finetune our designs for specific demographics.