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Software Product Development

Successful product development is guided by the vision of the stakeholders and feedback from the users to solve a significant problem.


The most crucial activity before starting product development is to study users and find out what they are trying to accomplish, especially under circumstances that leave them with insufficient solutions with existing processes and technologies.

Our team dives more in-depth to find activities that have ad hoc or no reasonable solutions.

Case studies

We fuse Deep Work and intense design and technology skills to help leading companies build software products that change the world.


EMC tasked us to conduct a ‘compete and win’ survey for their clients to upsell and cross-sell their products and services.

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IT transformation index for EMC
  • Drupal
  • Mailer design
  • Online survey
  • Product development
  • Web app design

Airbnb teamed up with us to bring their media attention to a centralized hub accessible on various devices.

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Collaborative PR portal for Airbnb
  • PR portal
  • UX design and dev

See how we have solved complex business problems for over 300+ global companies.

Our process

Product strategy

We believe that emulation is not a product strategy. If something has worked for one company, that does not mean it will work for yours. This kind of emulation happens all the time.

Instead, we dive deep into understanding the uniqueness of your product, your use case, and the space you occupy in people’s minds. In reality, emulation is just as risky as trying something new, and maybe even riskier.

Product vision and strategy Value propositionProject kickoff

Product/Market Fit

Product/Market fit helps to see the world differently and inspire new ways to create value for customers and growth for your business. When people understand and use your product enough to recognize its value, that’s a huge win.

Identifying a compelling value hypothesis is what we call finding product/market fit. A value hypothesis addresses both the features and business models required to entice a customer to buy your product.

Product researchUser analysisCompetitor analysisSuccess criteria

Ideation and Design

Clearly defining the scope of the problem helps in creating a proof-of-concept prototype. Spending more time with this ideation lays a strong foundation for the rest of the product development.

Thinking in products gives designers the advantage of building the right features for the right people. Our designers tackle real user problems, and it provides the power to make the right decisions when it comes to building features.

User storiesInformation architectureWireframeUX/UI designPrototypingDesign handoff

Software development

The world we live in is full of solutions. Some of our best code has come from ideas we have found away from our keyboard.

We encourage our team on the following:

  • Continual product improvement
  • Clean code with ownership
  • A small team with a global mindset
  • Deep work with a distraction-free environment
  • MVPVersion 1Cloud infrastructureThird-party integrationObjective Voice of the Customer (OVOC)

Product testing and validation

Testing the product as a customer would is essential. The user experience depends on the developer’s code quality. Our quality engineering team is there to alert everyone about the bugs and risks, and has an open channel with the customer to communicate the problem to the broader organization.

No matter how time-consuming it is, we use as many people from the team as we can during the whole process. The most important thing is to guide those tests towards the desired outcome.

Usability testingReview metricsA/B testingUser testingAnalyticsValidation tools

Product/Market scale

We meet companies that have come past the start-up stage, have product-market fit, or work in an industry that is mature and wants to grow even faster.

In scale-up mode, companies focus on doing things right. They often need help in scaling the team on an on-demand method without losing time.

Post-launch activitiesMaintenanceAnalyticsSupportDedicated team setup/span>

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