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Our clients and teams thrive on our essential intent that is about high level of clarity of purpose. Clarity equals success.

Muki Regunathan


Nilesh Pancholi

Chief Operating Officer

Kedar Kodlapur

Chief Technology Architect

Nick Buccelli

Creative Director

Abhijit Bansod

Creative Strategist and Advisor

Aslam Latheef

Enterprise IT architect

Alka Jha

Lead, UX Design

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor

Eric Papcun

Advisor, Client Experience

Nilesh Pancholi

Chief Operating Officer

San Francisco/Bengaluru

To deliver something of significance, one has to review and monitor constantly.

With 20 years in design, technology and delivery management, Nilesh’s forte is in managing teams and delivering value to clients by advocating a culture of diligent execution.

A firm believer in agile delivery, Nilesh brings discipline and accountability to work. Being an entrepreneur he is not shy to face challenges.

Having come up the hard way, he understands the value of both time and money. He doesn’t like to spoon feed people, but rather guides them to find solutions on their own.