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Our clients and teams thrive on our essential intent that is about high level of clarity of purpose. Clarity equals success.

Ken Yang Pepper Square

Ken Yang


Muki Regunathan


Nilesh Pancholi

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Buccelli

Creative Director

Abhijit Bansod

Creative Strategist and Advisor

Alka Jha

Lead, UX Design

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor

Eric Papcun

Advisor, Client Experience
Ken Yang Pepper Square

Ken Yang


Houston, Texas

Adapt. Embrace change, and Unlock Value.

With 20+ years of experience across North America and APAC, Ken drives value to our customers by cultivating a winning culture and team.

He excels at translating our customers’ visions into defined strategies, and subsequently fulfilling them through manageable sprints’ operation and execution.

A strong advocate of collaboration, he focuses on creating long-term, sustainable value for our customers.

Outside of work, Ken is deeply interested in reading history books, watching documentaries, and comparing strategies.