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  • Akshay Dafade

    Head of Design

    Design is storytelling

    Akshay is a master craftsman and a rare find. When you see him working, you are bound to be in stillness. His detail orientation, along with his dedication, inspires us at Pepper Square.

    Over the last eight years, Akshay has helped global brands like Darden, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Adobe, AstraZeneca, and many more by translating their vision into a customer experience strategy, design systems, UX & UI designs, and usability solutions.

    With a master’s in design, Akshay focuses on creating immersive experiences by enhancing our client’s businesses.

    While you are in awe at his focus, he escapes like a bird to read books on leadership and finance. He is a continuous learner with a deep curiosity to upgrade himself.