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    UX Researcher

    Experience: 3-5 years

    Location: Washington DC

    Position: Contract for 2 years

    Research & absorb the essence of the business you work with and fall in love with solving complex challenges.

    What is this job all about?

    Develop and implement transformational solutions with key clients in the public sector, across the U.S.A. Work on projects that have a powerful sense of purpose where your HCD research skills are used to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. Defining & conducting tactical, strategic HCD research based on standards and best practices. Drive an empathetic and consistent approach to understand the needs, expectations, and behaviors of the people using the products or services.



    • Must have – Advanced understanding of quantitative methods, SUS, UEQ, UEI, CSAT, NPS and other statistical analysis, such as A/B testing.
    • Applied knowledge of Agile Design, Lean UX and/or Service Design methodologies


    • Strong storytelling skills with a real passion for finding new, effective ways to advocate for users and stakeholders.
    • Passion to understand the problem space and distill complexities into actionable insights.
    • Experience partnering closely with agile product teams in the public sector.
    • A deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different UX Research methods, including when and how to apply them during the product development process.
    • Excellent presentation skills related to user research

    Your job consists of

    • Define and conduct generative and evaluative user research, to deliver actionable qualitative and quantitative insights.
    • Define and conduct generative and evaluative user research, to deliver actionable qualitative and quantitative insights
    • Experience with a holistic focus on the design lifecycle from discovery through design validation and customer adoption across the product ecosystem.
    • Understanding and experience in defining, planning, and executing research studies including outlining objectives, goals, and timelines.
    • Craft user research deliverables from an HCD toolkit of methodologies to help inform and execute major initiatives.
    • Analyze relevant data, from mixed research methods (interviews, lab studies, heuristic evaluations, surveys, secondary research, telemetry, etc.)
    • Communicate insights and recommendations in a consumable, engaging way using artifacts such as concise reports, journey maps, personas, and other formats as appropriate. Leverage Design visualization tools.
    • Experience partnering closely with the agile product teams in the public sector.
    • Educate a broader team on research best practices and evangelize research methods and results throughout the organization.
    • Contribute to processes, documentation, and standards to help evolve the research discipline.


    • Bachelor/Masters in design.

    Selection criteria

    In 2021, 11,000+ people applied for a job at Pepper Square. If your resume reflects your core skills and professional focus, then you have a better chance to get a reply from us. Detail orientation and clarity of thought are of great importance to us.

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