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Our clients and teams thrive on our essential intent that is about high level of clarity of purpose. Clarity equals success.

Muki Regunathan

Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Alka is a Lead UX Designer at PepperSquarea

Alka Jha

Chief Creative Officer

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor

Akshay Dafade

Head of Design

Srini Acharya

AVP, Client Experience

Srini Acharya

AVP, Client Experience


Clients lead us

Srini’s sole focus is the client experience. His role involves listening to our clients intensely and ensuring Pepper Square adds value to their business success at every level.

Srini works with senior leaders of global enterprises to help them understand the importance of design-driven strategies that transform businesses.

Srini’s superpower is his patience and humility. When he is not thinking about clients, you can see him taking a dive and mastering his swimming skills. His passion for cricket is evident in his shoulder injuries.