About us/Leadership


Our clients and teams thrive on our essential intent that is about high level of clarity of purpose. Clarity equals success.

Muki Regunathan

Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Alka is a Lead UX Designer at PepperSquarea

Alka Jha

Chief Creative Officer

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor

Akshay Dafade

Head of Design

Srini Acharya

AVP, Client Experience

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor


Your decision depends on the value you are going to create

Girish brings 20 years of financial acumen. Having served with Wipro for 9 years in critical business and finance roles, he brings expertise-led decision-making to Pepper Square.

Girish’s ability to see business depth beyond numbers is a rare quality. He considers the value Pepper Square is generating for clients and employees rather than just looking at revenue and profit.

A marathon runner and fitness enthusiast, Girish loves riding his Triumph on weekends, regularly visits his farm, and focuses on ancient Indian farming techniques.