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Our clients and teams thrive on our essential intent that is about high level of clarity of purpose. Clarity equals success.

Muki Regunathan

Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Alka is a Lead UX Designer at PepperSquarea

Alka Jha

Chief Creative Officer

Girish Kaushik

Financial Advisor

Akshay Dafade

Head of Design

Srini Acharya

AVP, Client Experience

Alka Jha

Chief Creative Officer

San Francisco/Bengaluru

Design connects people and inspires action

Over the last nine years, Alka has helped Global brands like Walmart, Airbnb, Darden, Honeywell, Adobe, AstraZeneca, and many more by translating their vision into a customer experience strategy, design systems, UX & UI designs, and usability solutions.

Working with security, hospitality, social, and technology leaders, Alka has learned to transform client vision to life with her design expertise.

Alka believes design is at the core of every human problem and solution, and her strategies are crafted by observing the intricacies of the journey from design to decision-making.

Alka’s superpower is her empathy and agility. She gets her creative inspiration by creating beautiful doodles, traveling, and mastering new skills in her monk space.