Move over customer experience and user experience. The mantle now belongs to what we call – Total Experience. The new concept introduced by Gartner is something that all companies – tech and otherwise, should put on their radar.

According to a quote by Brian Burke, “The challenge is that in most organizations, those different disciplines are siloed. So, what we’re saying is that if you can bring together customer experience, employee experience, multi-experience, and user experience, the common notarial effect … as a combination of strategies is harder to replicate than in a single strategy.”

Identifying the importance of Total Experience

With businesses going remote and increasingly distributed, it is important for organizations to break the silos of customer experience, user experience, omnichannel experience, and the likes. They need to unify it in under one umbrella – that is Total Experience or TX, to deploy the most impactful solutions and achieve transformative outcomes for their business.

Gartner adds in its survey – organizations that offer TX can outperform their competitors by 25% in key satisfaction metrics for customers as well as for employees.

Thinking of retaining your top-performing employees? Or want customers to return? TX is something that you got to have on your plate. Period.

How to grow in the digital experience economy with total experience?

The concept of experience economy came into being when it was first introduced by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore in 1990s.

It was built around creating incredible experiences that engage customers in a deeper level – beyond the traditional methods of selling of products, solutions, or services.

By 2023, this experience economy is going to touch $12 billion. Couple this with the fact that customers in the US are spending 4x more dollars on experiences as opposed to goods.

I’d happily buy the experience Starbucks provides me in one of its cafes than opt for a hot cuppa at any other random cafeteria (which may serve better coffee). That’s experience economy for y’all!

Think of Disney, which has nailed experience economy to perfection. From amusement parks, events, merchandise, and more, it has stitched brand loyalty that’s hard to come by across for any other brand.

That said, brands need to prove their mettle, and achieve the best outcomes with TX as the catalyst for change and growth. It helps brands establish trust and increase interaction and engagement with customers at every touchpoint.

To sum up

Total experience as a whole will help unlock tremendous potential company-wide. With customer demands and employee expectations going under massive changes in a digital-first world, organizations need to embrace a cohesive TX. It is about building cohesive services that can elevate the offerings, taking the brand or business to the next level.

Have you built your TX strategy already?

Are you looking for an experience-driven digital solution for your product or service?
Author Alka Jha
Alka is the Chief Creative Officer at Pepper Square. She has defined the user experience for some of the finest global brands over the last eight years.