If anyone asks why you love your favourite store, what will you say? Most likely, it is the quality and ease of shopping. But what if you find out that the customer service expert waiting behind the counter is not ready to answer your question and is busy with his phone with all the products scattered on the ground? Well, you probably will never want to visit that store again. This is what every impression is all about, especially for online businesses.

The e-commerce world is more considerate towards having a conversation rate optimisation where more visitors can be attracted to the site and convert into customers. This is when the tips of UX for conversion are applied.

The most important reason for people still visiting physical shops is that the customers can touch every item they want to buy. This is also a huge disadvantage for online businesses.

So, proper e-commerce software is extremely important by implementing every UX element, thereby closing the gaps to make customers feel at ease with their shopping experience.

You should always avoid information overload and complicated tasks, otherwise your company manifesto might look silly.
This is one of the major factors for e-commerce shops to make a fabulous experience for all their buyers. Let’s discuss some of the other important elements that we must consider.

First impression

For most e-commerce companies, cost impression plays a pivotal role. So it is extremely crucial to create the right X factor so that the customers can click on the links. Otherwise they might find a better alternative in no time. You need to focus on the homepage and make it the best.
You should give a proper value proposition that will speak about how your company is different from its online competitors. If you can improve on the call to action statement for all items and make your website simple, the first impression is bound to be a great one.
Selection Tools

Most of the biggest e-commerce empires generally have a wide range of collections for users to choose from depending on their preferences. The selection tools are made in such a way that all the items are visible without much toggling. You can either choose a grid of all the popular items together or recommend products based on their previous selections.

Users can look at these grids and filter and compare the different products easily. This is because the galleries and collections of the different products are simple suggestions that can be used by the buyer to decide what to buy next.

Having a System in Place to Bring Users Back

On an average, the online shopping cart abandonment rate is around 68.63%. This rate is quite high and clearly states that most of the successful online businesses never rely on first-time visitors.

These big companies use the tactics of grooming these new customers and make them purchase from the company to bring back the abandoned cart in use. Some of these tactics include:
• Email marketing software
• Receipts with specials
• New offers
• Social media promotions
• Contests
• Sales with countdown timers
• Free shipping

Showing Credibility and Customer Satisfaction

Is there an option on the home page for testimonials? If not, it will be difficult for you to build credibility with your customers and show them your reliability.

Do you have reviews and ratings on your product pages? if not, then your customers will not be able to see the items that are the best.

Offering Quick Customer Service Tabs That Are Impossible to Miss

The idea of an outstanding first impression is good, but it can be challenged quickly with any question that the user may put forward. You need to consider that most of the users will have some questions, which is why you have to build a strong customer service tab that is impossible to miss.

Most companies leave the customer service links in the footers or crammed into the side bars. This isn’t a good idea, as the customer generally is quite busy scrambling throughout your site. You can implement live chat boxes with clear support modules in the navigational menus, or even in the footer.

The Fastest Checkout Process Imaginable

Not only do you need a secure checkout, but fast service is also a priority. The first thing that you need to do is select a strong host for the website that also have lesser redirects and catching to make sure that the actual speed is never hampered.

Once you are sorted with that, you need to test it to ensure that the structure of the checkout process goes well. The best situation is to have a one-click checkout, but it is also a good idea to have guest accounts, which can easily improve the amount of purchases on your site.

A Pleasant User Experience After Purchasing Has Been Made

This is where the trick lies to bring customers coming back. You should make sure to give links in the receipt so that they can easily contact your customer service team. Also, make sure that the returning items and printing the return labels can be done effectively. You should also implement a stage for making quick modifications on the product before shipment.

After a sale has been made, most of the companies are scared about forgetting the UX. However, this factor should not be ignored until the very end.

Clear, Beautiful Images with Quick Loading

The products may look or seem quite dull. Irrespective of what you are selling, from Matcha tea to notepads, your customers will still expect to view a lot of photographs from close-ups to panorama shots and much more. So, you do not have the option of skimping on the number of high resolution images as they will be able to close down the sensory gap between the customers walking into the stores for buying their needs online.


From making the most amazing first impression to showcasing outstanding product images, the elements of UX for an e-commerce website can be quite complicated, while some of them are extremely easy to follow. We will always recommend that you choose from one hour to customer experience and make your changes accordingly on the e-commerce websites to see if they work effectively moving forward.

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