Eric may come across as a guy with a corporate swag. He doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to building relationships and striking it big in business. As a trusted sales leader Eric builds strategic relationships with high profile clients, championing innovative client models to drive mutual business performance.

Here are some insights he would like to share from his years of successful global marketing experience.

Markets change. Be flexible.

The business landscape has changed. Old ways of doing business has to yield to new strategies to be competitive. And, staying on top requires you to work hard and get in shape. This might mean you have to drop some unwanted baggage, change your thinking, get to know the new tools of the game and adjust your plan according to the current reality. Being nimble and having a sense of urgency drives the culture forward, while nervous indecision results in analysis paralysis and will freeze your progress.

Create a Ballpark experience

Businesses have to give their customers value by creating an experience to remember so they return for more. You have to think beyond the product as in how you deliver, and how you follow up. The experience your customer has with your company can make or break their overall view of you and your products.

Get closer to your customer

Digital has opened up new boundaries and changed customer expectations. It is the shift from low pricing to value, including ease of access that is most evident. Indeed, creating compelling hooks are not enough, but by knowing what their problem is and suggesting a solution is the only way to gain access now. Gaining access, building trust and relationships play an important role more than ever.

“I have also learned that experience is proprietary and it must be shared culturally. I create and promote a culture that is built and revolves around extraordinary customer experiences that can also be documented internally and shared as a performance expectation and a model. Greater value is attained in companies that embrace extraordinary customer experiences.”

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs have an insatiable desire to build and achieve their dreams. Entrepreneurial minds bring creative thinking and ideas to large organizations that may be reluctant to change. Technology enables productivity and rapid change to thrive, and entrepreneurs not only embrace new ways of working, they are at the front of the line.

Show them you care

Finally, don’t forget the human element. After all, products are meant for the benefit of people and it is they who drive the need for change. So, it makes sense to listen, empathize and show them you care. End of the day what matters is not what you know but they want to know that you care!

Eric is an advisor at Pepper Square. He is a fitness enthusiast, and keeps himself up to date with the latest technology innovations.

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