We’ve lost the count of how many times we’ve used the famed dummy text Lorem Ipsum.

The Latin word is derived from page 36 of the essay “On the Extremes of Good and Evil” (De Finibus Bonurum et Malorum) by Cicero, a Roman Lawyer.

The use of the excerpt from the essay has been used as an alternative text since the 1500s. It is believed to be first used by an unknown printer.  Today, it has become the industry standard to use the text before adding the final copy.

The problem is that seeing the familiar Latin text in every design mockup gets boring for clients and designers working on the projects.

While we don’t have flying cars yet in the 21st Century, we have alternatives that give a breather from the much-used placeholder text strewn across various websites and UX design prototypes.

If you’re game for some refreshing filler text that’s more relevant to your project(s) and want to earn rave reviews from your clients, here’s a list that’ll get you going ranging from creative to humorous.

1. Bacon Ipsum

The meaty Bacon Ipsum is a text generator tool, which also includes an extension for Chrome. Alternatively, you can use the tool on a WordPress website with Any Ipsum plugin.

Bacon Ipsum generates text up to nine paragraphs long and allows pasting content automatically to the clipboard. The mobile-friendly tool is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

2. Pirate Ipsum

Yo-Ho-Ho! The dummy text tool that makes our hearts sing is Pirate Ipsum. The funky text generator is all Pirate-speak, adding a bright spark to any website. The tongue-in-cheek text generator lets you enter the number of words, sentences, and paragraphs to generate dummy content that is anything but boring. Use it for a “smooth sail” in the UI UX design high seas, and your clients will love to read those cool lines.

3. Office Ipsum

The lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic led many of us to pine for some office water cooler moments. Office Ipsum serves the nostalgia of everyday workplace talks on a platter with text or dialogs we’ve all heard at some point in time during business meets or during intense client feedback sessions. Talk about adding personality to the design – this tool does it all.

4. Nietzsche Ipsum

Nietzsche was a German philosopher from the 1800s who still holds relevance. Let his words make an impact on your design with the Nietzsche Ipsum tool. If you have a more serious project on hand, go for this tool to generate some old-fashioned, intense text. We bet your clients will love it.

5. Lit Ipsum

Lit Ipsum is another serious filler text generator tool, which takes content from famous classics in literature. If you dig Austen, the Bronte sisters, or love to include content from a high-school favorite, this tool will show the way. This alternative does lend a serious tone yet lends an exciting touch to the text. And the best part is that the text is relevant across all generations!

6. The Godfather Ipsum

The Godfather Ipsum is a dummy text no designer can refuse! Visit their website, and they ask you to “Leave the gun. Take the ipsum.” If you are an ardent movie buff or have a design project with some suave dialogs in the wireframe, this tool will never disappoint. The tool lets you choose the number of paragraphs of randomly generated text.

7. Rick and Morty Ipsum (Lorem Ricksum)

Netflix’s famed cartoon duo Rick and Morty enjoy top ratings for a reason. Its humor. The alternative text generated by the tool is the perfect blend of science, wit, and wordplay that peps up the content of your design. The caveat is the strong language that comes as a part of the show.

8. Fillerama

Taking the love for movies to another level is Fillerama, a dummy text generator offering material from various TV shows and movies. So take your pick from classics like FRIENDS, Star Wars or Doctor Who and get text mixed from all the shows. It’s a surefire way to retain your clients’ interests in the overall design prototype!

9. Obama Ipsum

Opinions may be divided on the former POTUS Barrack Obama. But he indeed delivered some great speeches. Taking cues from his speeches is the Obama Ipsum, which includes current issues and debates. It is going to make your product appear more serious and elegant than using the generic Lorem Ipsum.

10. Vole

Continuing the string of serious texts is Vole. It is a simple, straightforward alternative text generator, which provides a paragraph option. This is the go-to tool if you want to generate no-nonsense, short paragraphs (under five) within seconds.

11. Legal Ipsum

Legal Ipsum is another excellent alternative to the classic dummy text if you want a string of serious sentences, including legal terms. You can use the text on legal, enterprise, or financial websites that don’t exactly find a match in wacky, humorous texts.

The Wrap

Lorem Ipsum is here to stay for maybe a few more centuries, at least. But when you are all set to design inspiring, unique products, creative filler alternatives are the right approach. Whether you settle for serious undertones or wacky humor is up to you. The big bad break from the routine is all that matters.

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Author Alka Jha
Alka is the Chief Creative Officer at Pepper Square. She has defined the user experience for some of the finest global brands over the last eight years.

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