You’ve a swanky space, all warm and cozy, that looks straight out of a movie.

Millennial influencers love the ‘Instagrammable’ aesthetics and the menu.

And yet, you take the traditional path, leading to quickly dwindling number of regular visitors to your café or restaurant.

Houston, we’ve a problem!

In the New Normal, restaurant tech is the winning formula for getting new business and repeat customers. While online order is second nature across the Food and Beverages industry, here are some more restaurant tech that are doing the rounds in 2022 to match the demands of customers:

  1. Advanced POS Systems

Move over traditional cash registers and legacy POS systems. It’s time to migrate to the Cloud. Intuitive and user-friendly, Cloud-based POS systems include automated user interfaces, which help restaurant chains run seamlessly. Designed as plug-and-play systems, these remove the need for servers and the dependency on hardware, reducing the cost of maintenance.

But that’s not all. With cloud-based, advanced POS systems, you can gather insights for data-driven decision making. You can figure out the top locations for your restaurant chain, which was most profitable and during what time? Likewise, calculate the number of guests you were able to attract with the latest discounts and offers.

Bonus: You can access the data anytime, anywhere as opposed to traditional POS systems.

  1. Contactless Ordering

What begin as a measure to ward off an astray virus, has become the new way of living for us in the post-pandemic world.

Contactless ordering is the order of the day across casual dining, fine dining, and fast-food chains. QR-code based payment or ordering offers guests a convenient user experience by reducing the in-queue time, and speedier order/service. All the same, it reduces human errors, adding to the reputation of your restaurant business.

Happy guests mean repeat business and increased revenues. What more could you ask for?

  1. Self-ordering Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks are one of the biggest trends in restaurant technology. An offshoot of contactless ordering, they have been around for some time. Wendy’s in 2016-2017 planned to roll out self-ordering kiosks nationwide.

A stepping stone for Wendy’s, self-ordering kiosks are ubiquitous across the restaurant industry in 2022.

The automation addresses the massive challenge of labor costs with one-time investment. They are wonderful aids to curating and enhancing the entire customer journey, lending a personalized and frictionless brand experience.

Restaurants can also use the tech to upsell and cross-sell products with quick ads that highlight special offers and discounts on the high-res displays. It makes it easier for them to acquire new customers, who may tend to overlook traditional ads or billboards.

  1. Automated Prep Lines

The restaurant industry is facing labor shortages for a while now. This is leading to fast food and other restaurant chains to incur losses. One of the ways to mitigate this issue is to amplify automation with the latest tech.

Since food prep is one of the areas that requires physical labor, and long hours of repeat work, automated prep lines with robochefs are becoming the new age genies!

Take the instance of Cooki – a cooking robot from Serenti Kitchen, which has an arm that can prepare meals from pre-measured ingredients. Likewise, other robochefs can slice, chop, stir, mix, and even adjust the cooking temperature, producing food at unlimited volumes and at lightning-fast speed.


  1. Kitchen Display Systems

There is no end to the volume of orders at restaurants. The struggle however, is to serve guests by streamlining operations. This is where Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) come to the rescue.

Enhanced by the best UI UX design, these systems help route the orders to the kitchen station, cutting down on communication, waiting time, and minimizing human-errors. While this was a staple across quick service restaurants, today, KDS are becoming more mainstream allowing insights into the meal prep times, ordering frequencies, and favorite menu items.

What’s next?

These are some of the latest and most reliant restaurant tech trends in the F&B industry. With innovation, automation and optimization to the rescue, restaurants are all set to provide quality services to guests. Need a quick fix to your restaurant system interface? Connect with our team and we’ll assist you in delivering value through your services.

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