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How to simplify User Experience?

What else can be

What else can be







All things to all people

I have to

It’s all important

How can I fit it all in?

The undisciplined pursuit of more

Reacts to what’s more pressing

Says “yes” to people without really thinking

Try to force execution at the last moment

Builds product that does not satisfy

Takes on too much, and work suffers

Feels out of control

Is unsure of whether the right things got done

Feels overwhelmed and exhausted

Living by default

Making choices reactively

Pays attention to the loudest voice

Hears everything being said

“How can I do it all?”


Less but better

“I choose to”

“Only a few things really matter”

“What are the trade-offs”

The disciplined pursuit of less

Pauses to discern what really matters

Says “no” to everything except the essential

Removes obstacles to make execution easy

Creates product that really matters

Chooses carefully in order to do great work

Feels in control

Gets the right things done

Experiences joy in the journey

Living by design

Vital few from the trivial many

Pays attention to the signal in the noise

Listens what is not being said

“What can I go big on?”

Let’s get to work.

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