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Data Analytics

Our robust analytical process helps us to understand the business problem, spot opportunities for
growth, and make informed decisions.


One of the critical concerns of the information age is the proliferation of data, which is also the lifeblood of any modern digital enterprise.

Whether you are pursuing a far-flung initiative or implementing bespoke data analytics programs, we can help you achieve your digital vision by using a proven and structured approach in implementing
those solutions.

Our process

Data integration

Collecting significant amounts of data might not be much of a challenge in the modern world, but adequately integrating that data requires expertise.

Whether your data is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, our data integration products integrate. This ensures that no information is missed out, and companies get a holistic view.

Data sourcingInspect datasetCleanse datasetTransform data

Data management

As enterprises become more dependent on outside market behavior and competitive forces, it becomes difficult to decide what to do with the data that is collected at a huge expense.

Our tools and technologies allow enterprises to validate, store, process, and leverage data from all data sources in real-time, to have a more effective engagement with customers and increase customer lifetime value.

Data validationData warehousingData migration


Data holds no real value unless it’s meaningful. Understanding the factors impacting your products and customers is key to growth. We provide generic or customized analytical services involving both big data and predictive analytics.

Our next-generation big data and predictive analytics services help you harness the power of data without exhausting your human assets and infrastructure resources.

Hypothesis testingLinear regressionPredictive ModelingNext-gen analysis

Insights and Intelligence

Actionable insights are derived from volumes of analyzed data that helps in making an informed decision on the customer datasets to spot trends, and identify opportunities for growth.

We have expertise in various analytical platforms and the proven framework to derive actionable insights that will help you make the right business decisions.

How do we help businesses?

We fuse Deep Work and intense analytical and visualization skills to help leading companies spot opportunities for growth and make informed decisions.

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The client challenged us to reduce the traveling cost and carbon footprint of their employees.

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Tele Presence tool for a Fortune 50 company

  • HTML
  • Information architecture
  • jQuery
  • UX Design

Fujitsu tasked us to create campaign strategy to plan upcoming marketing events for specific domains and geographies.

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Campaign automation for Fujitsu

  • Email campaigns
  • Microsite design
  • Pardot
  • Web development

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Wondering how to get meaningful insights?

We help you gain essential insights from Big Data analytics.