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    India’s leading electric mobility and clean energy company challenged us to bring mass adoption of electric vehicles.

    • SUN Mobility is India’s leading electric mobility and clean energy company. They are engaged in designing, developing, owning, and operating energy infrastructure for electric mobility.
    • In a strategic partnership with Ashok Leyland, they put together a first-ever sustainable solution for the world in record-breaking to offer global solutions for mass adoption of electric mobility. They reached out to Pepper Square to design the mobile app, website, collaterals, product, and event branding at the launch of their Interoperable Smart Mobility Solutions.

    Our solution

    Create a multiple touchpoint experience that would engage OEMs, fleet operators, and end customers to seamlessly access and change the face of urban transportation.

    Creating the UX & UI from the ground up since there was no existing framework or guidelines.

    Designing interfaces required a deep understanding of Indian user behavior from Consumers, Auto Rickshaw and Bus drivers, OEMs, and Energy providers.

    Faster iteration to translate the vision into engaging interfaces.

    The app flow was defined for two kinds of interactions, first, between the app and the user, from onboarding to payment integration. Second, between the app and the Quick Interchange Stations (QIS) using the geofence.

    In the first phase, the app was targeted to the Indian market, mainly the e-rickshaw drivers. Therefore, we interviewed auto drivers to understand their needs and expectations.

    The driver is notified about the nearest filling stations and the current state of charge, prompting them to decide whether they need to refill. If yes, the system directs to the nearest QIS for a battery swap. It automatically puts the driver in the queue before the station arrives.

    Determining the battery state of charge at the swapping dock, the system proactively calculates the amount to be paid and reflects on the app payment screen, thereby making the experience faster, seamless, and transparent.

    Designed the Control and Command Center (CNC) application interface for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

    The application monitors drive-time information such as the battery state of charge and distance to empty.

    Designed and developed the Sun Mobility website to showcase the brand vision and communicate how they will transform urban transportation.

    Creating brand guidelines and installation design for a wide range of applications such as Quick Interchange Stations, Smart Network, and Smart Battery.

    Designed promotional collaterals for Auto Expo such as corporate presentations, infographics, brochures, kiosks, posters, stickers, t-shirts, and caps.

    Services offered

    Website Design

    Website Development

    Web app design

    Web app development

    Installation design


    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Yuvraj Sarda

    Sr. Manager – Strategy, Sun Mobility

    We are delighted and thankful to the Pepper Square team for helping us out with all the deliverables in such a short span. Your team has supported us 24×7 and on weekends like an extended team for Sun Mobility. Your designs are out there in all the news articles that came out yesterday.

    The Value Delivered

    Our designs were well received at the launch of their Interoperable Smart Mobility Solutions in Auto Expo India.

    The mobile app helped the drivers in better decision making by showing intelligent data. For example, can a two-way journey be completed with the current state of charge and the nearest interchange stations on a trip?

    The website gained traffic and created a buzz that was needed to launch the brand.

    SUN Mobility aims to develop an open-source architecture for EVs in India featured across e-magazines, including Autocar Pro, Deccan Herald, and many.

    Massive media attention positioned Sun Mobility as a frontrunner in leveraging battery swapping as a revolutionary technology to power EVs.

    Promotional collaterals for Auto Expo, such as corporate presentations, infographics, brochures, kiosks, posters, stickers, t-shirts, and cap designs, created the buzz needed to launch the brand.

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