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    NFC founder Mitch Menaged shared his vision with us to bring FREE fitness to over 1,000 cities across the United States by 2024 with the world’s best outdoor gym, the Fitness Court.

    • Access workouts for every fitness level, challenge, and training tool nationwide on the free Fitness Court® App.
    • Have fun and get the most out of the Fitness Court® workout with the official Fitness Court® app.
    • Unlock access to the world’s largest outdoor gym network and expert training wherever you go!

    Our solution

    Create a gamified collaborative mobile app to increase the quality of life in cities, schools, parks, and trails across America.

    Redesign the existing mobile app to increase user engagement at the local Fitness Courts.

    Gamify the user experience to get trained, share their knowledge, and take on a fitness challenge.

    Connecting the Digital Wall with the mobile app for instant learning.

    Videos & fitness challenges Nationwide using the mobile app.

    Taking the gym outside across America and making it interactive.

    Take the Fitness Court®, designed for adults of all ages and abilities, is fully accessible and home to premiere outdoor fitness classes and training programs accessible with a single click.

    Learn the moves in the app – Discover the Fitness Court’s 7 Movements — Core, Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Agility, and Bend — to challenge and strengthen the body.

    World-class training using the mobile app – Take your workouts to the next level with step-by-step guidance from expert trainers. Celebrity trainers like Rob Riches & Mark Lauren show how to get the most out of the Fitness Court.

    Take the Challenge – Grab a friend, complete a circuit, and see the timed challenge feature score. Get ready to sweat, and do as many reps as possible in 7 minutes. See the results on the leaderboard, track progress, and improve strength and fitness over time!

    Creating a best-in-class outdoor content library that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

    Services offered

    Mobile app design

    React Native Mobile app development

    UI & UX design


    Annual Maintenance and Support

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Mitch Menaged

    National Fitness
    Campaign (NFC)

    The great thing about working with Pepper Square is everybody there really wants to make sure that we are happy and excited about the products that we are building. It never feels like we are buying something off the shelf or generic.
    The entire team was really focused on making sure we are shipping things that are amazing for our users and meeting our goal. It is wonderful working with a team that is highly responsive, that has Design, Development & deep technical experience all under one roof.
    It’s been wonderful working with Pepper Square. We are excited to keep working with them in foreseeable future.

    The Value Delivered

    The app was live 3 weeks before the Stanford University demo in California, and the audience loved it.

    The app downloads increased by 40% after the revamped user experience.

    A scoreboard system encouraged the users to take on a fitness challenge.

    Expertise-led solutions to the existing design and development challenges helped Blitzscale the idea.

    Integrated Eventbrite to reach a broader audience.

    The improved engagement and wider adoption are helping the team accelerate to achieve the vision of bringing free fitness to 1000 cities by 2024.

    Tools and Technologies