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    Medical Solutions, one of the top Joint Commission certified travel nursing companies in the US, needed a timesheet app for travel nurses.

    • A user-friendly product that could be easily adopted by the nurses with minimal education.
    • Considering the target group were travel nurses who are on the go, creating visually rich interfaces was imperative for quick and easy interaction.

    Our solution

    Design a mobile app that is easy to use and reflects real-time tracking data for nurses posted in different locations across the US.

    User research, ideation, storyboarding and visual design.

    Heuristic evaluation based on Fitt’s & Hick’s law to derive meaningful insights.

    Studied the user behavior of the target audience to define workflows and interactions.

    The dashboard screen provided quick access to profile information, notifications and to-dos.

    Iterative design approach for faster turn-around and feedback loops from storyboarding to design.

    The designs were visually driven for an engaging experience.

    Services offered

    iOS app design

    Heuristic evaluation

    User research

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    The Value Delivered

    Easy to adapt the timesheet process for the nurses with minimal training.

    Offline punch-in and punch-out feature were added to support accessibility in low or zero connectivity areas.

    Contextually placed actions reduced ambiguity and increased engagement.

    Intuitive interface ensured that nurses don’t miss out documenting the time working with a client, which helped in the billing process.

    The timesheet process was made simpler for higher transparency in management.

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