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    Two mothers shared their dream with us to help multi-tasking mothers prioritize their interests and find ‘me time.’

    • Mamma Miya is a productivity app designed to help busy mothers organize their lives better. It helps multi-tasking mothers capture their elusive free time and convert into ‘me-time’, making the time to do the essential things.
    • The project was unique in terms of approach and outcome because of the target audience. Working mothers tend to de-prioritize their interests and dreams due to limited time and a deluge of responsibilities.

    Our solution

    Create a simple mobile app to use and remove the clutter that most apps have and help the mothers learn new skills and achieve their dreams.

    Conducted a design thinking workshop to find problems and understand the mother’s perspectives.

    Showcase an entire day’s information in a single view.

    Create an ‘anytime’ event, an activity without a defined timeline.

    Mark an event as complete, as no other app has this feature.

    A simple interface with an intuitive experience to accommodate activity planning and techniques.

    Many productivity tool features were consolidated into this app.

    Visually representing a timeline of how a user’s day would look like.

    Scalable architecture from ground-up with a robust web admin app to manage content.

    Since the client was not a technologist, our team had to share expert insights and handhold them till the app approval stage.

    Services offered

    iOS app design

    iOS app development

    Usability testing

    Persona mapping

    UI & UX design

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Aashika Abraham Chittiappa

    Founder, Mamma Miya

    We have had a very constructive, positive, and supportive relationship with the Pepper Square team over the last year. They have built our app and also helped us put the website together. I would recommend them very highly to anyone.

    Each one of you has allowed us to dream a little bigger and be that much prouder of what we have. Thanks very much!

    The Value Delivered

    From sticky notes on the refrigerator to multiple to-do apps and rest of the plans swirling in a mother’s head, a simple mobile app took care of all.

    Closed group usability testing with real users helped in improving the user experience.

    The users appreciated the theme, as it was subtle and not overpowering. The mothers who used the app said, “the app is intuitive and beautiful, like the way women think.

    The app was featured in entreprenuer.com

    Spark features helped women finding happiness every day in the little things.

    Mums connected with uniquely designed lists, notes, and calendar.

    The client considered getting the timeline feature design and utility patented.

    The app is successfully helping working mothers manage their tasks in real-time.

    Reduced stress for multi-tasking mothers allows them time to focus on tasks they ‘want to do.’

    The client considered getting the design, timeline, and utility patented.

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