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    Black Lotus founding team shared their vision of reducing stress and anxiety in people’s daily lives.

    • Design and develop a non-intrusive mobile app that addresses mental wellbeing using meditation and kindness.
    • Share insights with people on how to meditate? What kind of act to do? How much to meditate? How does the user know the app is helping them? And how to form a habit?

    Our solution

    Create a mobile app that would increase people’s self-awareness with a 2000-year-old proven eastern philosophy of meditation.

    A meditation app that fosters kindness as an everyday tool.

    Highlight the proprietary RARE framework.

    Showcase the 10 unique stages of a user to gain spiritual attainment.

    Design an interface that helps the user measure and attain spiritual progress.

    Connect the design elements to resonate with the meditator’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

    Take inspiration from Buddhist symbols that point to qualities of an enlightened mind.

    RAK (Random Act of Kindness) feature to help create the largest community of kindness champions.

    Gamified approach to encourage the user to gain spiritual attainment with features such as Mahamudra progression, Morning welcome screen, and Evening screen.

    Intuitive icons for universally accepted and clear visual communication.

    Usability testing of the app to ensure the users perceive what was intended.

    Services offered

    Mobile app design and development

    Usability testing

    Persona mapping

    UI & UX design

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Annual Maintenance and Support

    Exceptional UI UX design to create happy experiences.

    We take a creative, collaborative, and innovative pathway to problem-solve and deliver exceptional results for customers across industry verticals.

    Hear from our client

    Vikram Shastry

    Co-Founder & CEO, Black Lotus 

    Thank you, Pepper Square team, for contributing to the mobile app. The mobile app is what it looks like today because of the team. Thanks for working late hours and giving your best to all the creatives, even in places that are not easy to discern to the average eye. Thank you for providing the leadership and expert opinions – all of which added value.

    I also want to let you know that many users have been outpouring positive feedback since the app hit the app stores. I look forward to working with Pepper Square in the coming days to take this to the next level.

    The Value Delivered

    31 million meditation minutes were used.

    1 million people were impacted.

    4.8 rating in the App and Play store.

    The daily average user time is 8 min.

    Downloaded in 161 countries.

    User retention increased by 25% for 8 weeks on average.

    Gamification increased engagement by 30%.

    B2B ready with comprehensive admin console.

    Tools and Technologies