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    Usability Testing: Why is it a New Competitive Advantage?

    13 January 2021

    2 min read

    Usability testing generally involves a Live, One-on-One session between a participant in a study and a moderator. The participant is asked by the moderator to carry out various tasks representing all those that real users would perform. This is useful in many ways. Much before the initiation of the testing, a custom study script is designed by a usability expert. It acts as an experimental protocol. Such a document combines the one-of-a-kind domain experience of clients with experts’ qualitative research knowledge. Find out why Usability testing happens to be the new competitive advantage.

    Offers Excellent and Useful Data

    With Usability studies’ help, it can be easier to find out whether or not a website is usable. Unless you have enough data regarding how your website is experienced by users, it can be easier to get qualitative feedback. It can enhance the interactive experience, improve the level of satisfaction of users, and save on redesign and development efforts.

    Measures User Behavior

    The behavior of users can be measured with the help of Usability testing. It is worth noting that users are bad at articulating the things that they are looking for. But when behavior is observed and measured, it can be easier to find out what supports their objectives and inspires them the best.

    It is often that website owners and in-house developers cannot view their website from a fresh perspective. With usability testing, it can be easier to look from a new angle and concentrate on all those features that actually matter to end-users.

    Reduces Costs

    Competitive advantage can be gained in the form of reduction of support costs. When users can get a reliable website experience, mainly when competing businesses rank next in the search results, it is possible to get a solid website experience. When almost every company, including big brands, is trying to cut down on costs in every possible way, it can be beneficial to use usability testing to reduce expenses on development and design that are unlikely to attract users.

    Higher Guarantee of Success

    With testing before implementing, it can be much easier to ensure success for brands. It is a truth that most businesses fail to have a blueprint, but Usability Testing gives them one. They can work on the same and have better chances of improving the UX (User Experience).

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    Are you looking for an experience-driven digital solution for your product or service?

    Akshay Dafade


    Akshay is the Lead UX Designer at Pepper Square and he has defined the user experience for some of the finest global brands over the last four years.