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    20 Thoughtful Startup App Ideas to Steal This Year

    27 March 2023

    5 min read

    A million-dollar business needs a million-dollar worth idea and a team capable of hustling through millions of challenges. The current business ecosystems thrive in complexities even as they sail through the challenges posed post-pandemic.

    So, coming up with an idea to launch a startup must be well thought out. Be it ideas for a mobile app or other business ventures, you need to have clarity and knowledge. Lucky for you, we are by your side and have come up with 20 app ideas that could help you kickstart your dreams. Go ahead, share it with other like-minded souls as well!

    Startup Ideas to Launch in 2023

    A Fitness-Lifestyle App

    A healthy lifestyle has become more than a trend. Content creators can easily use this current need to launch a fitness app. It is a tried and tested startup idea that can help you reach a specific target group. With the right brand of UI/UX design for the app, you can look through this startup idea.

    In terms of the features, the application should assist the user completely. For example, nutrition plans, diet plans, meal charts, expert suggestions, and so on should be available so users view the app as a requirement. You can further get to know more on this topic by going through our case study on a US fitness app.


    Nike Training Club: Having made their premium services free, Nike Training Club is one of the best examples of fitness-lifestyle apps. Users can customize the settings based on their preferences and explore more than 100 workout videos.

    With a unique quiz, the app helps you start a workout routine and modifies your lifestyle one step at a time.

    Customizable T-Shirts

    Fashion choices are subjective. They differ from person to person. Making it a viable business idea by developing an app can help people customize their t-shirts. With a simple yet formative user interface, launching a customizable t-shirt app is another idea to bank on in 2023.

    An app of this sort needs maintenance providers who can be connected via chat, a proper inventory management system that ensures users don’t have to wait for long and other features that enable a quick doorstep service.


    Snaptee helps you create trendy designs using your own photos or photos from other applications. It is one of the easiest applications to create T-shirt designs and helps you do so with a simple interface.

    With the publish function, you can share your designs with your friends. However, you can’t get it printed through the app.

    Automobile Servicing App

    Servicing leading to financial transactions, communication, and more is available via smartphones. So why not an automobile servicing app? An automobile service app could work well as a startup since users want their problems solved at their doorstep.


    CARFAX Car Care: This app helps you track service requirements for up to 8 vehicles and is the perfect example of an automobile app providing the best service. Using CARFAX Car Care, you can also track the nearest service station and with the app’s constant updates, you can keep your vehicle in good condition.

    Upon completion of service, the app automatically updates the current progress and alerts you when it is time for the next service.

    Pet Caretaker

    Close to 68% of American households own a pet, and there’s a high chance that these households go on vacation at least once a year. While some prefer to take their pets along, others want to leave them behind in the hands of someone they trust.

    A pet caretaker can be someone an owner trusts, and it is a business idea that could work in 2023. However, you need to establish a trustworthy brand and genuinely love pets. You must take care of your client’s pet and continue pushing this small business idea.


    Rover Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting App: Rover’s database of users and pet sitters makes it convenient for owners to find the best for their pets. Since pet sitters are also awarded badges based on their skills, medical certifications and training, you can look to hire the one that you trust.

    The simple interface of the app is another takeaway that highlights how it enables owners to utilize the services of the app to its full extent.


    Dropshipping involves inventory management where you are the intermediary. Third-party suppliers will handle the inventory on your behalf and ship it to the suppliers. As a representative, you must be the fulfillment model where both parties connect.

    While dropshipping is a small and easy-to-start business idea, success lies in buying the right products. Once you have the goods, you can look into new-age marketing methods like influencer marketing to advance the business.


    Dsers: Easily one among the most famous drop shippers apps, Dsers is a great example that includes features such as bundle products, bulk ordering, variants mapping, stock management, supplier optimization, and more.

    The option to track and sync shipping is another one that is largely highlighted and a critical aspect in helping Dsers stand out as a dropshipping app.

    Online Education

    If you’re good at something, you can always pass on that talent and get paid for the same. The online teaching industry, expected to touch $77.8 billion this year, is a field where your expertise could fetch results.

    To step things up, you can showcase your services through an app and look for design agencies to make the interface adaptable to multiple users. Similarly, you also need to ensure your app has,

    • Student-focused features
    • Gamification for better learning
    • Quizzes
    • Push notifications and in-app messaging


    Edx helps you take online courses from top US universities for free and includes various options for technical programs. As an app, it is very interactive and always guides you toward the solution that you have been looking for.

    From featured videos to quizzes, there are a lot of ways in which the app helps you learn, and having such tools works well for any learning-related app.

    Source: Tata Edge Class| A recent eLearning app we worked on

    The Virtual Clothing App

    Trying outfits virtually before buying them helps you reduce the time spent returning or exchanging the products in case they don’t fit you. In addition, a virtual clothing app lets users understand what suits their style and what needs to be passed on.

    It is a fashion enthusiast’s go-to app, provided the features and interface are exciting. The app should also contain clothing options as it helps in retaining users and also improving customer loyalty.


    PICTOFIT Shopping: As a virtual clothing app, PICTOFIT offers you a personalized shopping experience that also helps you purchase the right clothes. The huge selection of apparels that it has on display also encourages users to continue using the app and pick clothes to see how it suits them. You also have the option to build a photorealistic avatar, which gets ready in minutes and thus helps you pick your clothes in minutes.

    Membership Programs App

    A membership program works like a subscription-based platform where recurring payments are made in exchange for a service. It is a vital tool for a business or enterprise that conducts things within a community.

    Gyms, dance programs, or specific other classes fall under this category and are commonly known as a famous business model. The platform can be used as a common point where subscribers can access

    • Their subscriptions and be aware of the expiry
    • Emails regarding the latest content
    • Live Streams close to the content of their choice


    Open Loyalty is a bright example of a membership program app that solely deals with loyalty programs. It helps you create customized loyalty and other services that in turn will help you design your requirements accordingly.

    The multiple options that it features also promote you to choose the service that you need and provide inputs on how a membership-based app needs to operate.

    The Handcrafted Goods App

    Handcrafted goods have a market of their own. People are always looking for creative goodies that don’t cost them a fortune. So if you are good at making handcrafted goods, you should look to convert it into a business idea and gain ground in 2023.

    For starters, you can spread your business with a mobile app and look for agencies specializing in mobile app development. The app can also have specific sections to ensure the interface stays simple and conveys the right point.


    Etsy: One among the most popular platforms Etsy is widely judged as the marketplace for handcrafted goods. It combines like-minded buyers and sellers and also is the perfect example for anyone looking to start something similar.

    The app is also wholesome in providing order details and gaining valuable insights on customers. In doing so, it sets the bar really high for competitors.


    The Joe Rogans and Micheal Barbaros of this world have one thing in common, a podcast. They are hosts of popular shows and often discuss topics that pique the interest of their viewers. By keeping the bit engaging, people have turned to podcasts, and you should too in 2023.

    Hosting a podcast is a lot of responsibility because you need to be aware of the

    • Latest trends
    • Should choose a format
    • Choose the right equipment
    • Explore tools for editing
    • And learn to promote the show

    If the content that you produce is unique, you will have a following. But remember, the process is easier said than done.


    This American Life: Hosted by Ira Glass, The American Life is a popular podcast show that covers a range of themes. You get to hear different perspectives, including underrepresented voices, which is one of the reasons why the show has also won several awards.

    The interactive narrative and subjects that the show covers attract more followers and are altogether considered an experience. Hence, being inspired by this show can help you reach similar heights.

    Productivity Apps

    Productivity apps are an excellent boost for individual or team efficiency. They help you organize your tasks and affairs and engage teammates with valid information that can, in turn, help them be more productive.

    As an app, it works well for people, especially those interested in multitasking and getting things done in a jiffy. In addition, teams that rely on productivity apps get to explore their benefits like transparency, effective task management, automation, etc. Pepper Square has also worked in creating productivity apps like Get Things Done, which combines time tracker, project management, and the principle of deep work into one platform.


    Todolist: As the name suggests, Todolist is a productivity app that helps you view your tasks and align the same in terms of its priority rating. It helps you assign deadlines, view the complete list of tasks and also see it all in the Kanban board.

    Todolist is more than an example of a productivity app and is known to be one of the first apps that people choose when they have to prioritize multiple tasks.

    Source: Mamma Miya | A recent productivity app we worked on


    Freelancing is a popular method to offer services and grow as an entrepreneur. Currently, there are freelance writers, designers, teachers, and individuals skilled in other professions. Freelancers usually seek help designing a website, as an app seems far-fetched. Not really!

    Freelancing also has a place in 2023. According to a report by Fiverr, 78% of companies will depend on freelancers rather than adding more staff to their payroll. Considering the low cost of freelancing, companies will utilize this market, and having an app under their name will spell repeat customers for sure.


    Upwork: If your idea of freelancing is more into starting an app containing gigs of all kinds, you can get inspired from Upwork, a top freelancing platform that has more than 3 million jobs for all skill sets and talents.

    By signing up with an account, you can explore their features and absorb their interface. The flexible settings on board are another star feature that ensures you get jobs that suit your requirements.

    Recipe Apps

    This can be considered an evergreen startup idea and has a market size of USD 421.03 million and growing. Why?

    • Cooking is a universal activity in which people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures participate
    • With the rise of the internet and smartphones, people are increasingly hooked on to finding recipes online
    • Recipe apps can give users easy access to thousands of recipes, including searching for recipes based on dietary restrictions, ingredients, and cooking time

    You can also elevate any recipe app by including features such as meal planning, shopping lists, and cooking timers, to name a few.

    Additionally, with shareability options, such recipe apps can reach a larger circle of family and friends. These apps can also get monetized in the long run through advertising, premium features, and partnerships with grocery stores and food brands.


    Kitchen Stories: Using visual aids for cooking is a common ingredient and Kitchen Stories is widely seen as one of the top apps for the same. Apart from recipes with step-by-step images, you can also access video tutorials that go in length about the process of cooking your favorite meal.

    Kitchen Stories also has a shopping list generator that makes it more convenient for you to purchase the right ingredients and cook what you love.

    Food Truck

    A food truck is a viable startup plan that cuts the cost of opening a full-fledged restaurant. As it eliminates a dining area, you can spend your budget elsewhere, most notably on delivering good quality food.

    The food truck plan could also be spread as a mobile app to help more users be aware of the type of food that you plan on delivering. It involves a lot of planning because you have to get the right ingredients to offer people meals with the best ingredients.


    Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder: Apart from starting a food truck, you can also venture into similar areas as ideas for a food truck app are plenty. For example, Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder pairs food trucks with customers and helps businesses to be carried forward.

    Based on the specified location, you will be paired with food trucks and can also hire them for an event. The app is at the top of the charts and is widely used across North America, Europe, and the UAE.

    AR Apps for Interior Designing

    Over the years, we have seen several developments in interior design, and now a unique advancement can be added to the list. AR or Augmented Reality is a part of the process to help users gain more than just an idea about where to place what.

    An AR app focused on interior designing will help users virtually place a particular piece of furniture in a specific room. In doing so, users can make better decisions that relate to cutting costs. Here, one should also focus on the app’s interface.

    A simple interface that brings in users and helps them understand the purpose of the app provides more value than creating a sophisticated design that confuses people.


    IKEA Place can promote you to make informed choices with the app helping you visualize the best place for a particular piece of furniture. As a virtual app, the different models that it shows are true to their color and size, making the process easier than it seems.

    The furniture that you place using this app can always be seen from different angles so that your choice is tested from every direction. Thanks to these features, IKEA Place is one of the best apps for AR-based interior designing.

    Home Care Services App

    Home care services are similar to daycare services, with the difference being that with home care, you will be looking after senior citizens. While you don’t require a background in healthcare to get started, you need to be trustworthy.

    People need to believe in the fact that you can provide the care that they are looking for. Moreover, home care services require you to

    • Understand the individual’s needs
    • Prepare for emergencies and
    • Conduct thorough research

    By looking at these requirements, you can form a startup that thrives in the home care market, which is expected to triple in population, moving from 6.7 million to 19 million between 2020 and 2060.


    Care.com: Considered as one of the largest networks of caregivers, including in-home caregivers, babysitters, and pet sitters – Care.com has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Care.com offers a range of services to help families find and manage care for their loved ones. These services include caregiver profiles, background checks, reviews and ratings, and access to payroll and tax tools. And you can also select a bundle for managing schedules and payments too.

    It operates on a subscription-based model. Users can easily sign up for a free basic membership, or they can choose to pay for a premium membership that includes some of the additional features and benefits mentioned above.

    Travel Planning App

    As the name suggests, a travel planning app is one that takes in your budget and provides relevant information regarding accommodation and food. Once you have entered the desired location and the travel budget, you should be able to receive relevant data.

    The idea of the app is to act like a travel guide for users and assist them with places they need to visit. If recommendations are unique, more users could be drawn to the app, and it can sustain itself in the market.

    Apart from providing information, the most critical challenge is to ensure that you provide accurate information.


    Wanderlog Trip Planner App is one of the standout apps that helps you understand the destination that you are traveling to. You can also make reservations with top hotels and organize your trip to perfection.

    Additional features such as adding notes and links along with the fact that everything stays offline makes this app a must for anyone looking to gain some inspiration. It provides customers with what they need and adds solutions to the different problems that one faces while traveling.

    Ridesharing App

    A ridesharing app is another app idea for beginners, where you can even use your car for transportation. Since services like Uber and Lyft help people start driving and earning as a side hustle, you can use a similar approach to get things started.

    You will have to slowly build your business and fight off the competition, with coverage being one of the biggest challenges. Since the industry is close to the $200 billion-plus mark by 2028, you can provide the right services and be a part of this market.


    Uber: Operating in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide Uber is one of the largest transportation network companies that provides a convenient alternative to traditional taxi services. The app allows users to request a ride, track the arrival of their driver, and pay for the ride all within the app.

    The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. As of 2021, Uber has over 100 million monthly active users worldwide and has completed over 15 billion trips since its launch.

    In addition to traditional ride services, Uber also offers services such as UberEATS, which provides food delivery, and Uber Freight, which connects shippers and carriers.

    The Real Estate App

    The housing market is all but confusing for the new-age user who isn’t aware of the documentation and availability of the right place. Their troubles could be solved if they could use an app to locate the nearest available houses and do so with the right budget.

    The real estate industry, filled with regulations, requires a simple approach to attract a young crowd to the market and help them learn its ways. With communication being critical, you need to rely on a proper content management system to develop your app.


    Zillow: One of the top applications for all real estate-related activities, Zillow lets you share prospective properties with your friends. And if you like purchasing it, you can even start the application process through the app.

    The app’s database features over 135 million homes making it a complete library of information. With detailed search filters, you can always narrow down your targets and come closer to the property of your dreams.

    Hence when you sum it all up, Zillow is the right example and a model of what real estate apps need to look like.

    Event Management

    Altogether an industry, event management mixes talent, creativity, and entertainment. From corporate events to other celebrations, event management is gaining traction in 2023. Using this billion-dollar industry and opening an app requires you to

    • Mention your services
    • Provide constant updates
    • Be clear on the type of event and
    • Offer chat support for users

    You also need to have the right contacts because without providing the services that they require; you cannot push forward your event management company.


    Eventbrite works well as an event management app and a social one where you not only get to create events and sell tickets but also search for existing events. As a free application, Eventbrite brings in a ton of tools that help you create a particular event and share the same with your friends.

    On the other hand, you can also explore upcoming events by tapping into location-based filters and booking tickets. In hindsight, it is an app for all purposes and does more than just be an event management app.

    Closing Thoughts

    App ideas for startups to launch in 2023 are plenty. As we are progressing through an evolving market, you can see all kinds of businesses take shape. But to survive, you need to be unique and offer a service that the customer wants.

    So, consider starting your own business and consult us to get all your UI/UX needs done and dusted.

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