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There’s an overwhelming number of blogs on the internet as of 2021. Five hundred seventy million and more, in case you wondered. And about 77% of the internet users regularly read blog posts.

Blogs are central to a website’s success. They draw traffic and are crucial for user engagement. Additionally, they pave the way for low-cost promotions, generate a loyal following, and establish brand identity.

Apart from great content, your blog also needs to have a terrific UI design to whip up interest and make navigation a breeze so that the users keep coming back for more.

Since it is easier said than done, we decided to show and tell, using the example of eleven blogs that boast of beautiful UI UX design and are a class apart:

1. Pepper Square
2. Pixelgrade
3. The Outline
4. HelpScout
5. Dropbox
6. Girlboss
7. Nourisheats
8. Coda Story
9. Clever
10. Annual Digest
11. Six-Two

1. Pepper Square

PepperSquare Blog of beautiful UI design

We love to blow our own horn. And why not?

Our blog page shows our core competency, i.e., UI UX design. Arranged in a neat layout, we offer relevant and informational content that will inspire future designers (and storytellers).

With the bulk of our target audience using mobile devices to browse the internet, our blog takes a mobile-first approach for improved user interaction. We love using a mix of custom images and bold colors. All the same, we pay attention to the typeface. All these elements make our blog inimitable.

What we love: Practically everything! But our personal favorite is this life-altering blog post.

2. Pixelgrade

Upstairs Pixelgrade Blog of beautiful UI design

There is no reason why Pixelgrade shouldn’t be on a list that talks about excellent UI design.

a. Its unique design lends it an immediately recognizable brand identity
b. The blogs tell the brand’s story
c. The color palette of the blog is in-sync with the main site demonstrating brand continuity

What we love: Each category of the blog is assigned a distinct color to group similar content together. The clean interface is another plus point for this blog as it enhances the readability.

3. The Outline

The Outline Blog of beautiful UI design

The first thing that strikes when you look at The Outline is its anti-design. A stark contrast from minimalist, modern interfaces, the blog instantly catches the eye. The provocative imagery compliments the content, including a wide range of topics. The not-so-subtle animations offers delight. Overall, The Outline ticks off almost everything that a fantastic blog needs.

What we love: The entire website is a visual treat. Right from the retro/funky color palette, to bizarre imagery (can’t miss the doge icon), it breaks design conventions like a boss.

4. HelpScout

HelpScout Blog of beautiful UI design

Help Scout is the exact opposite of The Outline. Their blog has a simple UI UX design with well-organized content, and each element on the page sticks to the best design standards. It is a given that navigating this extremely responsive site is effortless for the end-users.

What we love: Customized illustrations for every blog post, limited use of copy and a phenomenal use of negative space that leads to a dynamic interface.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox Blog of beautiful UI design

Dropbox never fails to amaze us with its UI design. The Dropbox blog has a basic graphic style complete with exciting illustrations and animations, which will hook you instantly. The vibrant color scheme is the mainstay of the blog, making it a roaring success in terms of the look and feel.

What we love: How Dropbox doesn’t shy away from experimenting with colors and font styles, and of course, its intuitive hover effect. Take a bow, Dropbox!

6. Girlboss

Girlboss Blog of beautiful UI design

Two things that stand out on Girlboss are:
I. How they play with their font
II. The bold theme color

The photography is outstanding and so is the traditional navigation (including a hamburger menu), which to be honest, doesn’t seem to be outdated. It gels seamlessly with the website.

What we love: The mix of pastels and neons in the color palette.

7. Nourisheats

Nourisheats Yoga wellness Blog of beautiful UI design

Aesthetics 101. That’s the first impression Nourisheats provides.

Inspiring readers to eat healthy, this blog is easy on the eyes due to a clean design that’s high on imagery. It provides a refreshing break from promotional banners or subscription pop-ups (a rare miss for a lifestyle blog). It’s a different level of ‘Zen in design’ and lets micro-interactions steal the show.

What we love: The site is full of personality with a simple white and grey color palette.

8. Coda Story

Coda Story Blog of beautiful UI design

Color-coded topics, the repeated structure of every group, lack of distractions and fantastic usage of whitespace – all these elements make Coda Story stand out. There’s not a single dull moment on the blog, which breaks free from a conventional blog format. Additionally, readers don’t have to open a new tab or navigate away from the current page to access more content.

What we love: Color coding of the topics and quirky animations.


Clever Blog of beautiful UI design

Clever’s blog design is chic, eccentric, and minimalist to a fault. The vibrant interface with bright colors and bold patterns takes us back to the 80s. Some of the pop art and blocks on the site provide a 3D look and feel. Even the typography is just perfect! Overall, the attention to detail impresses us time and again.

What we love: The bold color palette doesn’t overkill.

10. Annual Digest

Annual Digest Blog of beautiful UI design

Unorthodox layouts with a generous amount of creativity are going to be the major highlights of website design in 2021. Annual Digest by Curate Mag had this figured out much before. Its UI UX design differs due to large-sized images and fonts with a captivating color scheme. Ample white space, subtle transitions and animations also add charm to this impressive website.

What we love: Variety, variety, and more variety of visual elements.

11. Six-Two

Six Two Blog of beautiful UI design

Six-Two by Contiki is known for its travel guides loaded with incredible imagery. The blog strikes a perfect harmony between informative and fun. While the color scheme is basic with pastel colors and a dash of dark pink, their experiment with text and image size is captivating.

What we love: Their twist on the popular ‘tiling’ feature appeals to the senses.

Calling it a Day

To conclude, all these eleven sites are replete with fantastic UI design. While they are as different as chalk and cheesecake, they are bound by these recurring elements –

1. Aesthetics
2. Great imagery
3. Distinguished typeface
4. Lots of negative space
5. Rich color palettes
6. High user engagement
7. Amazing user experience

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