The year kickstarted on an excellent note for us as we got featured on They evaluated 49 custom software development firms in San Francisco based on ten variables. Using a detailed screening process, they hand-picked the top 15 firms from the list, including Pepper Square.

Some of their parameters were:

  • Multiple Service Lines – The platform(s) used to launch a product such as mobile, web, and desktop was one of their primary selection criteria.
  • Size of the Firm – It is not necessary that a bigger firm will always deliver. scrutinized companies and chose firms that vary in terms of their size and the operations’ scope.
  • Industry Focus – Industry specialty was another crucial factor that helped Digital determine the firms to award. They considered what the business is truly about, the industries served, and the products or services created.

They chose us based on our company size, industry focus, the range of services offered, and the costs.

Apart from this category, we’ve also been featured in two more categories on their platform viz:

For over 18 years, we have been at the frontline of helping several Silicon Valley start-ups develop SaaS cloud solutions, creating websites focusing on UI and UX, and building native mobile applications with cross-platform compatibility. Our focus on driving customer engagement and conversions ensures delightful experiences. We strive to serve them even better in the years to come.