Our standards-based operations system helps us ensure consistency and completeness in executing and delivering quality work. Standards, checklists and guidelines make our everyday work easier; increase the reliability, productivity and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

These processes are simple, economical and business relevant.

The following are the objectives:

knowledge management

How our clients are benefited:
  • Standards
  • Checklists
  • Guidelines


  • Our standards contain information on:
    • How to execute a process
    • Specifications that an output or artifact should conform to
  • They establish the reference criteria for measuring quality
  • In-house compliance with standards is mandatory

Example: Process standard for on-page optimization, template for content mapping and information gathering


  • These are lists of items, which need to be verified, checked or inspected after executing a task or creating a deliverable
  • These may be items required, things to be done or points to be considered
  • They can be in the form of questions or actions to be carried out
  • Use of checklists is mandatory

Example: Checklist for reviewing storyboard, checklist for review after HTML-ization


  • These are recommended practices
  • They provide a direction and reflect organizational preferences when there are multiple courses of action available
  • Following a guideline is mandatory but also allows some discretion or limited flexibility in its interpretation, implementation or use

Example: Guidelines for writing a blog, guidelines for showcasing website designs to the client