Mobile first approach helps in precise positioning and capturing user attention in less than 7 seconds. Creating user impact with responsive design calls for a thorough understanding of mobile and web compatibility, technology challenges and dynamic user interface solutions.

Our Approach



    Capture the idea in form of sketch/image/text


    High-level requirement

    Inspiring discussion with stakeholders


    Gap & problem

    Problem with the existing product/service & how to fulfill with the new product/service


    Brainstorming sessions


    Design Thinking with Human Connect

    Make emotional connect an integral part of the product/service



    Detailed information architecture & navigation


    Cloud & IT infra

    Setting up Bitbucket, SVN,JIRA & Cloud environment



    Layout, user experience, features,
    functionalities & navigation flow


    Project plan

    Task, schedule, team, dependency, risk & status


    Content style guide


    UX & UI design


    UX & UI development

    Weekly Scrum & daily stand up


    Sprint review & demo

    Rapid prototyping & customer feedback


    Usability & user experience review


    Modification & update


    Final integration


    Quality engineering




    Client approval


    Focus group review


    Change & modification


    Go LIVE

    knowledge transfer & annual support

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Brands availed our design services:

  • Honeywell
  • Mindtree
  • Arvind
  • Airbnb
  • Texas
  • EMC
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Tally
  • TTK
  • BIAL
  • Abbott
  • Microsoft


How would you approach evaluating and architecting the site navigation and content hierarchy?

We use information architecture as a process to define the content hierarchy and site navigation. We start with the problem you want to solve, and go deeper in understanding the user journey. Finally, we define the solutions with intuitive user experience and navigation.

If there is an existing visual design framework, would prototyping be necessary? How would you best employ wireframes or mockups in your process?

If you have detailed the Home, Landing and Level 1, 2, 3 pages, then we can take that as the starting point and work on the visual design. In that case, prototyping is not necessary.

We use Balsamiq tool to create wireframes and mockups. Once all the pages are created, we look at the Content Types and understand the design and responsive requirement. Based on these requirements the technology team shares its feedback for smooth integration of the design to avoid any surprises.

Do you create authoring personas, developing user flows, and building usability frameworks related to these flows?

We create these for all the large projects we undertake. User flow/journey definition is the key to create a successful website. We have our extensive usability framework libraries and to achieve faster turnaround we customize them based on the project requirement.

Would you be able to take up content creation services?

Yes, we would. Content creation is the most difficult and requires understanding of creative writing and business domain. 90% of the sites we develop have the content done by us.

What methodology do you use to build a responsive website?

We combine the best of Agile and Behavior Driven Development to deliver the project.

Will you take care of usability, functional and browser compatibility testing of the website?

Yes, we will. These are the core of our unit testing and quality engineering processes.

Do you collaborate with client design & development team?

In today’s agile work environment collaboration is the key for a successful delivery. On an average, we collaborate with 2 to 5 people for a project with a timeline of 4 months.

Do you have experience in marketing automation like Marketo, Pardot, etc? Do you have experience in optimizing user flows for lead generation?

We have implemented many projects with Pardot and Marketo, with our expertise in using these tools. We often optimize the user flows with A/B testing, Heat maps, time spent on page, bounce rate, user engagement and many other factors.

Your design & technology strength?

How much does it cost?

We need the requirement document to arrive at a cost. We have blended rates for all our services.

How do you differentiate yourself?

We engage with our clients by asking a fundamental question, “What is your stubborn business problem?” and then address them by Design Thinking. We are one of the few Digital Agencies that fuse creativity and technology seamlessly. We are an entrepreneur driven company, hence the ownership, intensity and passion is the highest and you will love working with our energetic team.