More than just a job, pepper square is the place for passionate folks like you looking for a creative space. It compels you to be bold and eager to take up challenges that shape your career.

You are free to chart your own career path as there are no hierarchies but you will enjoy a culture of transparency and growth. Indeed, where others train you, we mentor you to thrive in the area of your interest. We believe that no one is loyal to the company but to their career, and ultimately to themselves.

What's in it for me? Why should I switch my job?

At pepper square you are more than just an ID card. Talk to some of the folks who have worked or are working with us and they will tell you how we mentor so that you truly shine. We believe that you will be recognized only by your work. 

Your compensation is directly linked to your performance. We have designed a performance appraisal system that helps you share the story of your journey every quarter, helping both you and the company to align and do a course correction at regular intervals.

You can share your experience working with the team in your own words, and it is then reviewed by the Founder & CEO of pepper square. Not a single point goes unnoticed, but is integrated into the system with care.

Our three-step simple performance appraisal process:

  1. Upon successful completion of three months probation we help you define goals
  2. Quarterly performance reviews for everyone
  3. Salary reviews once a year