We receive at least 250 internship requests every year from across the world. We carefully go through each one so that we can hire the most talented people and mentor them to be leaders. Our internship process is based on entrepreneurship and has evolved over
the last 11 years.

Students from INSEAD, Carnegie Mellon, University of Utah, IIT, IIM, NID, and many other institutions have benefited by interning with us.

My three months internship @ pepper square
one of the most happening workplaces of my life. Aman Gupta, UX & UI intern
Aman Gupta

My learning @ pepper square

Aman Gupta, UX & UI intern
Bachelor of Design from IIT Guwahati

I went through rigorous training in my 3 months internship at pepper square and my take-home is that "It doesn’t matter how good your idea is. If it is poorly executed no one is going to use it". I also learnt that delivering a good user experience is quite a complex project involving usability design and information architecture, among other things such as SEO and project management.

It was an internship that literally opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things. I learnt to see things from a user's perspective rather than a developer’s. With insights from Forrester, process and usability concepts, we did a lot of real world testing. We not only identified problems in the applications but also gave recommendations for improving their functionalities and features.

When I first heard about information architecture and storyboard, I did not clearly understand the reason for doing it. But after a couple of projects I realized that a successful design comes out only after detailed storyboarding. I also understood the importance of color and visual graphics. Before pepper square my biggest problem was not knowing how to use appropriate colors for digital designs. The entire design team was supportive and answered all my questions while patiently mentoring me.

pepper square provided me with an opportunity to peep into the graphic world and explore it's various dimensions.  Now I have gained some experience in that world, and my visualization skills have improved considerably. The biggest satisfaction is the feeling of doing something right and when people and peers add to this, it boosts your confidence. I remember my earlier days in the first month when I used to come out with my design solution, the team used to say "it’s not happening, boss". Later it changed to "What happened, man, how come you suddenly began to come out with design solutions? ", and I would reply, "It's pepper square magic".

One thing that makes my internship different from my counterparts’ is the overall exposure to all the processes that go on inside a company. I got a golden opportunity to learn how various teams work and co-operate with each other to give life to the magical words "client satisfaction”. I was taught the various stages of a project right from strategy, through design, HTML, digital marketing, technology implementation and hosting of the website. I also learned that all these teams are interdependent, like the wheels of a vehicle. I was exposed to real world business and got a chance to meet clients and hear their requirements, and that was the highlight of my internship that increased my self-confidence.

Overall, it was a nice learning experience, consisting of happiness when someone praised your design, of frustration when you ran out of ideas, or when you had the idea but not the right skill to execute it, of fun and frolic in between when you get bored repeating the same design solution, or when it was not approved, or always working without Facebook access :)....

Experiences are what I am taking with me: many good ones at pepper square and a few bad ones from outside it (my mobile phone was stolen in the very second week of my internship). But, like Muki says…."experience is proprietary".