Muki Regunathan

Muki Regunathan

Founder & CEO

Client Satisfaction is KEY 
‘It means so much to me, as they are the ones who bring food to my table’.

Muki founded Pepper Square with 11 dollars in his pocket. Over the years he has created a thriving design driven culture by helping clients achieve their business goals through UX & UI design and development.

You can’t buy customer trust, it has to be earned says Muki who has successfully influenced over 300 companies from brand building to exit strategy in the USA and India in his 24 years career. 86 startups have been incubated at Pepper Square in the last 15 years.

The quintessential entrepreneur, Muki is a perfectionist with immense faith in progress through design, technology and human connect. Muki feels human intelligence has no bounds and the Future of Work is in bringing together personal, organizational and societal goals.

Muki’s positive energy is infectious and is an important aspect of Pepper Square culture. Work and life are not two separate things but one, and you need both a healthy mind and body to celebrate life. Muki lives everyday with a focus on health using Food as Medicine.

Jyothi Kiran

Jyothi Kiran

Director, Digital & Creative Strategy

Free soul, non-conformist.
Believes Shakespeare would have enjoyed the mobile revolution.

Jyo is the pillar of Pepper Square creativity. She has been associated with the company from its inception. Creative writing is her passion and she believes that the digital medium is one of the best ways to transform societies.

She is credited with defining most of the creative processes at Pepper Square that are helping us improve predictability. She can intuitively map business goals and creative strategies with her cross-domain experience in print, web and mobile.

You can see her working, training and mentoring young creative thinkers at Pepper Square. Jyo has written the Ramayana in 100 words for the mobile generation. She enjoys poetry and loves to experiment with different formats of writing and communication. Her latest poem Digitanjali is written in the Twitter format of 140 characters per stanza, and talks about the human impulse on Wi-Fi.

Eric Papcun

Eric Papcun

Chief Experience Officer

Entrepreneurial spirit, fitness fiend.
Believes in discipline and transparency.

Eric’s partnership with Pepper Square goes back to its inception and is embedded in mutual trust and respect. An investor, entrepreneur, and an ardent wellness advocate, Eric believes in giving the best to get the best.

A star performer with a track record of delivering over $250 million in new contracted sales with a proven track record of consistency; he’s the resourceful leader who loves to build business relationships by leveraging executive presence and business acumen.

More a ‘heartful’ than an artful negotiator, Eric knows winning the game is about creating the right opportunities while bringing together the right mix of people, values, and discipline.

Sriram Tadimalla

Sriram Tadimalla

Mentor & Financial advisor

Rotarian, mentor of mentors.
Believes in transforming knowledge into values
by giving back to the community.

Sriram is special to everyone at Pepper Square and has been an integral part of the company since its inception.

Sriram has three decades of experience helping various companies grow to multimillion-dollar revenues through astute and strategic thinking. He is the pillar behind Pepper Square's success who built a world-class governance model for the company and helped it and its clients meet the challenges of today's business environment.

He is well-connected to the key leaders of Indian industry and helps bring innovative perspectives to Pepper Square digital services.

When Sriram is not mentoring entrepreneurs or advising big corporations on governance models you can catch him enjoying a good game of cricket or the many debates on the dance of democracy.

Know about our team



Engagement managers are great listeners who understand that delivery must happen sooner than soon. Each project has a client engagement manager who is the single point of contact for the client and for Pepper Square delivery team.

  • Our engagement managers are

    Great Listener

  • We understand that delivery must happen

    sooner than soon

  • Client engagement manager for

    Each project

  • Passionate & Nimble

    Delivery Team


& Creative strategy

This team consists of visualizers, designers, writers and digital strategists. They thrive on collaboration, brainstorming and cross-pollination of ideas, which help them create work that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but drives traffic and increases conversion.

  • Digital Strategy &


  • Concept Definition &

    Creative Writing

  • User Experience &

    Interface Design



Our User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) developers seamlessly integrate design with the application backend. They go through the best training in India on design integration. The programming team consists of software engineers who focus on the use of open source and mobile technologies. They collaborate with the UX & UI developers to add function to the form.

  • User Experience & User Interface


  • Fluid & Engaging

    Responsive Design

  • Open Source


  • Mobile & Tablet

    Apps Development



Right since inception we have focused on the automation of digital marketing. Our team of digital marketing experts uses the best tools available in the market for optimal automation to drive results faster.

  • Social

    Business Strategy

  • Search Engine

    Optimization (SEO)

  • Web & Mobile Behavioural


  • Multi Platform

    Social Engagement



Our testing team follows the “Don’t make me think” usability methodology. We create simple and intuitive user experiences that anyone can use effortlessly.

  • Functional Validation &

    Performance Testing

  • User Experience

    Usability Testing

  • Browser & Mobile

    Device Compatibility