Our Beliefs



  • Our Beliefs

Using minimal resources

A visit to our office will show you that we use just 150 sheets of A4-size paper a month. We prefer to use blackboards over whiteboards because we like the childlike creativity it evokes in us.

We like the way the chalk feels on our fingers as it yields magic to our creativity, helping us express our moods and ideas of work in progress.

Whether it is paper, water or electricity, we follow the same principle of conscious conservation. If there is one thing we detest it is the abuse of our dwindling natural resources. Truly, our surroundings are all analog but our thinking is digital, allowing us to connect form and function to recreate multi-dimensional experiences.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back

To the community

  • Giving back to the community

Empowering people

We contribute to the community by empowering people. We like to motivate the young, and frequently partner with several institutes in educational programs. Everyday, on an average, six new people from across the world visit us to understand our work culture. We participate actively in mentoring sessions as guest speakers.

In addition, we involve ourselves in a variety of workshops featuring entrepreneurial development. We have nurtured and incubated more than 70 new businesses at Pepper Square. We love to work closely with institutions that foster a spirit of entrepreneurship. So far there have been 13 employees of Pepper Square who have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs.

Supporting Like-Minded Ideas



  • Supporting like minded ideas

Spirit of transparency

We like to support causes that foster a spirit of transparency, progress and independence. We have worked with several non-profit organizations directly and indirectly, supporting rural development, education, women’s empowerment and health programs.

Constant Course Correction



  • Constant course correction

Create a better enviornment

Learning, and unlearning, allows us to continuously improve the way we do things to create a better environment. Success, to us, is competing with our conscience, an attitude that helps us be nimble and keep coming up with new ideas.